FAQs about Coronavirus & Air Conditioner

There’re a lot of misconceptions and questions about using the air conditioner in the Coronavirus pandemic. In this article, I’ll answer some FAQs about the use of the air conditioner during the Coronavirus pandemic.  
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Coronavirus & Air Conditioner FAQs [Infographic]

Misinformation is as bad as the coronavirus itself in this pandemic situation. To avoid the spread of incorrect information during this tough Coronavirus pandemic, our HVAC experts in Green Leaf Air decided to answer some of the Coronavirus
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How to Storm-Proof Your HVAC System

Hurricanes and storms are frequent in the US. If you don’t take necessary protective measures, it can damage your HVAC system. Here’s how you storm-proof your HVAC System.   4 Tips on Protecting Your
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How to Storm-Proof Your HVAC System [Infographic]

HVAC systems can be greatly damaged when you don’t keep it safe during storm or a hurricane. Here’s are 4 tips on how to storm-proof your HVAC system…
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Furnace Short Cycling & How to Repair in Dallas

Furnace short-cycling is a common problem faced by homeowners in the winter. Due to furnace short-cycling, the heating electric bill goes up, and sometimes your furnace stops functioning.     What is Furnace
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4 Ways to Repair Furnace Short Cycling [Infographic]

Furnace short cycling can sometimes be a pain. However, there are some simple ways you can repair the furnace short cycling yourself at home…

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Ventilation Basics & How Does It Impact Your Comfort

V stands for ventilation in HVAC. With proper ventilation, you can maximize comfort in your house. In this article, I’ll briefly talk about the basics of ventilation and its impact on your comfort.   
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2 Types Of Ventilation – Natural & Mechanical [Infographic]

Ventilation is a crucial Part of HVAC. In fact, the “V” in HVAC stands for Ventilation and only by ensuring proper ventilation, you can maximize your indoor comfort. Natural ventilation & Mechanical ventilation are the two common types of
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Everything You Need to Know About Air Conditioner Warranty

Air conditioners are very prone to repair, and air conditioner repair comes to the homeowners as a surprise expense. However, if your air conditioner has a warranty, then you can avoid paying for the expense. 

If your air conditioner is new, there is a high chance that it still has valid warranty. Most of the AC manufacturers offer a 5-10 years warranty and some of which offer labor warranty. But there are some hidden conditions in the warranty documents. For example, it may not cover the compressor of your air conditioner. But the compressor is a big player in an air conditioner, and when it needs repairs, you'll have to spend a significant amount of money since it is not covered by most AC companies, if not all. 

In this article, I'll tell you about all the necessary information about the air conditioner warranty that you should know. 

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