4 Heating Enhancement Tips For Home Owners

Heating is the first and perhaps the most crucial part of your home HVAC system. To make the heating part most efficient, we install the best Heat Pump, Gas Furnace or Boiler in our home. But alongside these HVAC components, there are other arrangements that can help your overall comfort and boost the heating solution. 

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How To Know If It Is Time To Replace Your Old Furnace With A New One?

It is easy to know that your machine needs replacing when it completely breaks down. But what if its juts hanging on to a thin thread? Like any machine, the furnace in your home can also hang on to a thin thread and provide inadequate heating. So, before thing get any worse and you have to suffer in the cold due to sudden furnace breakdown, here’s how you can know whether it is time for you to replace your old furnace with a new or just an appointment with AC repair/Furnace repair specialists would do.
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Know When It Is Time To Replace Your Old Furnace [Infographic]

Want to know more about the situation when you might consider replacing your existing furnace with a new one? Check out the detailed article on it – How To Know If It Is Time To Replace Your Old Furnace With A New One?

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How To Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning By Properly Addressing The HVAC System Issues In Your House

Carbon Monoxide emission is the talk of the town these days. The impact of carbon monoxide emission is a concern for many socialists for good reasons and it is high time we acted upon it. Thankfully, the HVAC companies are much more concerned about the carbon monoxide emission along with providing ample heating and cooling. Here’s what you need to know about preventing Carbon Monoxide emission poisoning by handling your HVAC system issues.

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Things To Inherent In Your Home For Better Air Quality

When you have molds in duct, dirt and dust in your air ventilation system, clogged air filter, the overall quality of air in your home is compromised. This unhealthy air in your house can cause many respiratory diseases for your family members. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, make sure to go through air duct cleaning a routine HVAC system checkup. However, there are other ways to ensure the molds, microorganisms and other unhealthy aspects of the air in your home is handled with minimal impact. Here are the things to inherent in your home for better air quality –

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How To Hire An HVAC Company For Your AC Installation & AC Repair Needs?

If you own a house or renovated after renting it, you have come across HVAC companies. But if you never came across a situation where you needed an HVAC company or you just moved to a new place where your old trusted HVAC specialists won’t be able to offer their service, you’ll need to look for a new AC company in your area. But before you start searching “AC companies near me” or “AC Repair near me” read this. I’m sure today’s blog will help you with choosing a good heating and cooling company in your area.

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Understanding The Function Of Air Filters & How To Pick The Right Air Filter For Your Home

When it comes to our HVAC system, we are quite serious about the AC maintenance and repair. But we often forget about the air filters in the heating and cooling system. This is not good for the indoor comfort you are looking for. To understand the full potential and effect of an air filter to your overall comfort, it is important that you know the function of an air filter and chooses the right air filter for your HVAC system. And that’s why I am here for.

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What Do You Need To Zone Your HVAC System & How To Prepare For The AC Repair Situations?

I have talked openly on the topic of how incredibly stupid closed air vents system is, especially when you are considering it for saving from your HVAC cost, including energy bills. However, I can guarantee you that closed vents HVAC system is not efficient, at least not to the extent you think it is. The reason is – even though you have closed vents to a room that you no longer need heating and cooling, your air conditioner or a heating system like a gas furnace or Heat Pump doesn’t know that. So, the energy consumption isn’t decreased.

Whenever I talk about closed vents not being efficient, I get asked – “then what is?”.

My answer to that is Zoning and today I’ll talk about what you’ll need to zone your existing HVAC system.

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AC Repair Tips: Outdoor Heat Pump Maintenance & Repair

Like a central air conditioner, a heat pump also has an outer unit. Like any other HVAC system and its components, this outer portion of the heat pump also need regular maintenance and repair. While the inside unit is rather simple to maintain, the outer side is much more difficult since it is not that accessible. To help you with the outdoor Heat Pump maintenance and repair, I decided to share some pointers.

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AC Repair Tips: Troubleshooting Your Heat Pump to Stay Ahead of AC Maintenance and Repair

Heat pumps are very common in American and Canadian households, along with other surrounding countries. The reason why heat pumps are so popular is they can do both heating and cooling. But very few people know how they work and that why very few people understand how to troubleshoot for mechanical failures or malfunctions. That’s why I am here to, if I may, educate you on how to troubleshoot your heat pump so that you can stay ahead of your AC repair situations.

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AC Repair Tips, Heat Pump Maintenance and Repair

Heat pumps are one of the most commonly used heating and cooling system in North America as it can do both heating and cooling. Unlike a gas furnace or an air conditioner which can only one between heating and air conditioning, these heat pumps are capable of reversing the cycle and this is how they do both heating and cooling. Also, the reverse cycle makes the HVAC system that much complicated. So, the AC repair situation and maintenance of the heat pumps become a head scratch. But fret not, I’m here to help you with the maintenance and repair situation for the heat pumps.

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What Makes A Complete Residential HVAC System and How to Tackle AC Repair Situations

Many struggles to act on crucial AC maintenance & repair moments because they don’t know what went wrong. As a result, the AC Repair cost and thus the whole HVAC cost start to pile up on you. To avoid this happening to you, you better know how a complete HVAC system is made and how each of its components come into play.

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Solar Thermal & Geothermal Heat Pump Systems for Cost-Efficiency in Heating and Cooling, AC Repair Help

Since the use of coating and painting on rooftop to keep the room cool, we have come a long way when it comes to heating and cooling system.

From the central AC unit, Air-Source heat pump, Gas furnaces to the more nontraditional options like Solar thermal heat pump and Geothermal heat pumps, the heating and cooling system market is fairly diversified. But which one should you pick for your home will depend on your requirement and your home size. Besides, the fuel cost efficiency is something that you need to consider and since we are talking about fuel efficiency, I should emphasize on Solar Thermal Heat Pumps and Geothermal Heat Pumps.

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AC Repair & Other Benefits of Retrofitting the Commercial HVAC Systems & The Equipment

Commercial HVAC systems have evolved over the years. Trane system, Carrier system, GoodMan system, etc. are some of the most popular and efficient HVAC system available in the market today. Despite being this efficient and being equipped with the latest and most advanced technology, there will be a day after countless AC repair and compromised efficiency when AC replacement will be imminent.

I know what you are thinking – Commercial HVAC replacement is like a completely new Commercial HVAC installation, plus the extra hassle to remove the old air conditioning units from the existing space. It’s not only the hassle of bringing the old one down and setting up a new HVAC system, but there is also a monetary concern too. Even though AC replacement is costly, you need to change the HVAC unit anyways to make sure the system is efficient in its job.

But don’t worry, there is a better, a more cost-effective way to make the existing HVAC system more efficient and it is called HVAC retrofitting.

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How Often Should You Change Your Air Filters – AC Repair Help

A lot of the time we spend is inside our homes and regardless of which season it is, you will always want the air circulating through your home to be of the highest quality. To ensure that you may invest in an innovative, effective and sophisticated HVAC system capable of conditioning air to maximum comfort. That said, over time the air quality in your home degrades by a large margin. This mainly due to proper AC maintenance & repair, primarily in the air filter category. With time, your air filters start to accumulate a significant amount of dirt and become ineffective at removing the dirt, dust, and pollen from the air. Central air conditioner filter maintenance and cleaning fall to negligence very often is the reason why your family suffers through episodes of allergic reactions and infrequent sneezing. Therefore, follow the following tips to determine when, why and how you should be dealing with your HVAC system’s air filters.

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Keeping The Gas Furnace in Your HVAC System from Blowing Cold Air - AC Repair Know-How

If your furnace is blowing cold air instead of keeping your home warm, and you unsure about how you should handle it, you’ve come to the right place for a guide on how to fix the issue. Here are some of the most common causes and solutions to your gas furnace problems.

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Ground Source, Air Source & Absorption Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are very popular in households and the three most popular types of Heat Pumps are Ground Source Heat Pumps, Air Source Heat Pumps & Absorption Heat Pumps. These three works very much like each other. However, they differ in source and some other aspect.

Knowing the differences between these 3 different types of heat pumps will help you decide whether or now you need a Ground Source Heat Pump or an Air Source Heat Pump or an Absorption Heat Pump.

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The Causes & Remedies of Common AC Repair Problems for Proper Airflow

Issues surrounding HVAC systems are not an uncommon occurrence. More often than not, you will be faced with several different problems. Some include problems with the condenser producing warm air instead of a cold breeze, or normal air from your Gas Furnaces. However, undoubtedly, one of the more common problems include those pertaining to poor airflow. This is often the result of neglect from the owner, among other technical issues. Let’s get right into the details and find out how to make sense of poor airflow, and how to remedy it.

How to detect poor airflow in your HVAC system

Usually, it is quite easy to detect that something in your HVAC system is wrong once the quality of air in your home starts to drop. However, there is a vast network of air ducts supporting your HVAC system to provide air all over your home. Therefore, it may be difficult to pick out the root of the problem or even find the problem at all if it is an area where you or your family do not spend a lot of time in. Here are some of the more common signs of poor air flow from your HVAC system:

·         Hot and Cold Spots: Hot and cold spots occur when the treated air does not reach the target area. Therefore, when you move from an area where the airflow is proper, into an area without proper airflow, you will notice a significant temperature difference.

·         No Air From Vents: Another obvious sign of poor airflow. If you put your hand up in front of a vent and notice that there is no air from the vent, or the airflow is weaker than other vents in your home, you can be certain that you have an airflow problem on your hands.

·         Pressure Imbalance between Areas: A lack of proper airflow throughout your home leads to imbalances in pressure. That is, when one room in your room has an ample air supply and another room does not, it creates an area of low pressure. This is harder to notice as the only indicators of low pressure would be moving doors and drafty areas.

·         Air Not Warm/Cool: If the air coming out of your vents is not the temperature you expect it to be, you could have a problem with air flow on your hands.

Whenever you notice any of these signs, try to identify if all of your HVAC machines are working as expected. If not, then you can be certain that the air flow problem in your home is the result of problems in your air ducts. From there, getting professional help is imperative, and is the quickest and cheapest way to fix the problem.

Moreover, it is important to remember that ignoring the problem will only make it worse. Poor airflow in your system can lead to unnecessary loads on your condensers and air handlers. Due to additional work done by them to keep, the efficiency of your system falls drastically. Moreover, the modules may become damaged when left alone in this state for a long period of time.

There are several ways in which you can end up with a significant airflow problem, today, we are highlighting just a few. Additionally, you can employ whatever you learn in the future to cut down on the maintenance cost of your HVAC and air duct cleaning cost.

Blocked vents require special attention from your air conditioning services

Blocked vents are a common occurrence, whether on purpose or due to absent-mindedness. You should never block your air vents with furniture or anything else for that matter. The blocked passage puts unnecessary pressure on your air condenser or heat pump, you end up ruining those expensive parts. Even a Commercial HVAC will quickly get damaged due to blocked air vents.

Clogged and dirty filters need to be changed regularly

Removing dust and debris from filters are a crucial part of AC maintenance & repair. Moreover, this is something you should pay special attention to since you can properly clean out dirty filters yourself without spending on a proper AC Repair service. So, change your filters or clean them often to ensure that airflow in your system is not blocked due to the grime buildup.

Broken or leaky air ducts will increase your air duct cleaning cost

The network of air ducts in your home supply it with the air you want. If these become compromised in any manner, the airflow in your home becomes poor. For starters, due to a combination of dust and molds in duct, you will eventually find that your air ducts are blocked. In addition to this, if there are rodents in your home, you will find that they have made it into your air ducts and started creating holes and passages which should otherwise not be there. This is when you bring in air conditioning service to come and perform air duct cleaning on your HVAC system. Moreover, if you have a mold problem, pay the extra to arrange for mold removal. Finally, if rodent damage is the problem, you will need air duct replacement to remedy the problem.

Dirty condensing coil will lead to central ac unit problems

The condensing coil used in your home is often exposed to outside elements which makes it more prone to dirt and grime buildup. Therefore, you should keep a close eye on how your coil is doing. Hopefully, you have invested in a sophisticated HVAC system like Trane systems, with a coil from proper materials which make it easier to clean and maintain.

Poor AC Installation will lead you down the road of AC replacement

Poor HVAC installation is another way your HVAC system becomes prone to airflow problems. Therefore, it is important that whenever you go for an old AC Replacement or new AC installation, you should hire highly-qualified air conditioning service professionals. This ensures that your central air conditioner and other air conditioning units are installed perfectly.

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Handy Tips for Handling Summer AC Repair Emergencies

Even though the need for an HVAC system is beyond any season or time of the year, Summer is actually the worst time for your HVAC system to break down. You definitely wouldn’t want to look for AC repair services while you melt down in your living room.

But what happens when your Air conditioner breaks and you need AC repair ASAP?

To save you from the hassle of AC services & repair, here are some tips that might come in handy.

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The Importance of Timely AC Repair

The Importance of Timely AC Repair

By attending to the AC repair works as soon as possible, you can greatly increase the efficiency of the HVAC system in your house or facility and save unwanted expenditure piling up on the monthly bills.

Whatever you do, never underestimate a fault in the HVAC system, no matter how big or small the technical or mechanical fault it is, attending to it immediately is the right way to go. 

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Preventing Dust Buildup on the HVAC System & Why Is It Important

Why settle for unsatisfied cleaning and maintenance services when you can prevent the problem to arise in the first place?

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How to know if it is time to upgrade your HVAC system or not

How to know if it is time to upgrade your HVAC system or not

If you have had your HVAC system for a while now, it has most likely been showing signs of wear, which indicate that it quickly needs to be replaced. Here are some useful tips to help you judge why your HVAC system should be replaced and when would be the best time to do it.


Why should I replace my HVAC system?

Although HVAC systems are built to last for several years, there comes a time when the cost of maintaining the system and its associated running costs are just not worth paying for. Moreover, you can upgrade to a better HVAC system that can fulfill all of your heating and cooling needs as well as increasing the efficiency at which this is done.

One of the main attributes of an HVAC system is its SEER rating. A higher SEER rating signifies how efficient the system is at handling the heating and cooling needs of your home. This is why, many Trane systems with decent SEER ratings, like the Trane 14 SEER system or the Trane 16 SEER system are popular. They are able to efficiently cool your home and keep your energy bills low.

With the passage of time, regardless of how efficient your machine was, the wear and tear over the years will take its toll, and the system will not be as efficient as it was. Therefore, the feasibility of maintaining it and expending more costs on keeping the older system running needs to be compared with the benefits of owning a newer and more improved central ac unit , as modern air conditioning units come with additional features.

How will I know it is time for me to replace my older HVAC system?

There are several telltale signs, which make it obvious if it is time for an AC replacement. We will be exploring them in detail.

Age is a major decider if your HVAC system needs to be replaced. An HVAC system is designed to last for a very long time, however, its operational efficiency quickly starts to fall, and as soon as the machine is a decade old, you can expect it to perform poorly. Moreover, the cost of maintaining it will increase as time passes, which greatly decreases the feasibility of repairs. Therefore, as an HVAC system gets old, the need to replace it increases rapidly.


How is the SEER rating of my HVAC system affected?

The SEER rating of the system is important. During the operational lifetime of your current central ac unit , HVAC companies will be making leaps and bounds in terms of air conditioning technology. Therefore, once


you have used your current system for almost a decade, you can expect to find that a much better system is available on the market, which is far more efficient than your current one. After all, a modern Trane 16 SEER system is quite a lot more efficient than an outdated 10 SEER system.


Who do AC repair & maintenance bills become a burden?

If the repair bill handed to you by the air conditioning service workers are comparable to the price of a new HVAC system, it is time for AC Replacement. As the HVAC ages, the cost of maintaining it does as well. With time, simple air duct cleaning activities will not suffice, and you will have to frequently pay for air duct replacement. Moreover, your central air conditioner will become poorer at filtration and circulate low-quality air through your home, which will make it more susceptible to dirt and mold contamination.

From there, molds in duct will increase rapidly and further increase the bill you have to pay. Eventually, you will have to pay hefty sums for mold removal in addition to the standard air duct cleaning procedures. Eventually, air duct replacement will no longer cut it and AC maintenance & repair will not be a feasible choice for your current HVAC system. In short, it’s time to get a new one.

If your central air conditioner needs frequent maintenance rounds, it’s a sign that it is nearing the end of its life cycle and needs AC Replacement as soon as possible. Pouring hundreds of dollars into the maintenance of an old AC system is not worth it given the fact that you can easily purchase a newer model with a warranty.


What are the benefits of an AC replacement?

Several benefits come out of an AC Replacement. For starters, you will have lower heating and cooling  costs as a direct effect of owning a more energy efficient machine. Moreover, modern HVAC systems come with smarter thermostats, which aid the HVAC system in keeping the air in your home pristine at a lower energy cost.  In addition to this, modern air conditioning units are better at keeping the air circulating through your home evenly cool or warm, and also healthier as they have improved capabilities of filtering the air.

Finally, one of the most important benefits of upgrading your central ac unit, more durability and ease of maintenance. Modern systems are built more robustly. Moreover, maintaining these systems is much easier as well, as you can easily perform individual cleaning processes on each of the air conditioning units.

To conclude, air conditioning repair is an important part of an HVAC system’s life cycle, however, it will eventually have to be replaced once AC maintenance becomes unfeasible. With the development of advanced air conditioning units, your old central ac unit quickly becomes obsolete and more of a burden to carry around once you factor in the energy bills. Therefore, whether you have an older Trane HVAC or Carrier system, replace it as soon as possible, because a new HVAC cost is much cheaper than maintaining an old one.


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What is a SEER rating and why is it important when buying a new HVAC system?

What is a SEER rating and why is it important when buying a new HVAC system?

Whenever you embark on your search for the right HVAC system for your home, you will be met with a multitude of options to choose from. Various factors, ranging from aesthetics to build quality will help you reach a decision on which HVAC system is the best for your home. However, one of the most important decision factors will be the efficiency of the system. This is where the importance of a high SEER rating becomes prominent, as a system with a high SEER rating, is bound to be efficient.


What is a SEER rating?

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It is often regarded as the best seal of approval that a system is efficient. Therefore, HVAC companies strive towards high efficiency in order to obtain high-level SEER certifications.


How is the SEER rating calculated?

The SEER rating is calculated by dividing the cooling output of your air conditioner over the season and then dividing that number by the energy it comes in watts per hour. This serves as an accurate measurement for determining how well an HVAC system will perform in your home.

A typical air conditioner will be rated at around 13 SEER or 14 SEER. Better ones will be rated at a higher 16 or 17. Finally, the best of the bunch, however, reach upwards of 25 SEER. These systems are quite efficient and are viable options as the heating and cooling solutions for your home.


Some interesting facts about SEER ratings

Determining the optimal cooling output for an air conditioner requires setting a standard that is consistent across the board. Usually, HVAC systems are tested against an outdoor temperature of 82 degrees and an indoor temperature of 80 degrees.

The relation between numbers is just as they seem. That is the higher the SEER efficiency rating of a system, the more efficient it is. Although the relationship is not directly proportional, you can expect that a system rated as 16 SEER is almost 60% more efficient than a system rated as SEER 10.


Trane HVAC seer ratings

Plenty of Trane HVAC systems resides in the normal rating range, like the Trane 14 SEER systems and the Trane 16 SEER systems. Some Trane systems take it a step further with ratings as high as 17 SEER. Similarly, you can expect about the same from normal Carrier system. Therefore, once you start searching around in the market, you will see that your options are quite large. You should keep in mind however, there are set minimum SEER ratings for an HVAC system that you can set up in your home.


The importance of AC maintenance & repair and its relationship with an HVAC system’s SEER rating

An HVAC system is only as strong as the maintenance effort expended on it. Therefore, one of the main responsibilities you will inherit as the owner of a high SEER rated machine is the fact that it has to be kept as clean as possible.

No matter how efficient your HVAC system is, it will all be in vain if you do not put forth enough effort to keep it clean and operational. Over time, due to the dust and grime pulled in by the HVAC system from the outside air, you will quickly find out that your HVAC system is not performing as efficiently as you remember it being when you first purchased it. Moreover, its heating and cooling abilities have been quietly deteriorating as well.

When you are faced with these dilemmas, it is time for you to get serious about cleaning your HVAC system, namely, the air ducts. Hiring any kind AC maintenance & repair will get you hooked up with the right air duct cleaning. In addition to cleaning the air ducts, consider cleaning each of your individual air conditioning units as well.

Although they may seem like too much of an effort at first, once your system has been operating for a while, and the air ducts becoming clogged from all the dust, airflow will be greatly restricted. Your home will not be efficiently cooled and you will be losing a lot of money on extraneous energy bills. Therefore, instead of paying unnecessary extra bills, you can just pay a simple air duct cleaning cost that will quickly restore your system to its original efficiency.


The Effects of molds on your HVAC system and its efficiency

HVAC systems serve as the primary place for molds and other microorganisms to breed in and spread out. From there, mold spores end up in the air circulating through your home, silently increasing respiratory problems in your family. When left out of control, these problems quickly escalate in severity. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that a central ac unit is carefully monitored and properly maintained. The steps taken against molds are small in number but extremely effective.

When you end up with molds in duct, you must hire certain AC maintenance services to come and clean up the mess. Although you can handle most of the exterior cleaning if you end up with mold around your air vents or filters, once there are molds in duct, you will need professional help to come to do some air duct cleaning.

If the services you hire suggest that you need air duct replacement, you must try to verify whether their claims are true or not. This will help keep you from expending unnecessary expenses and keep the air duct cleaning cost low.

Regardless if you own a Carrier system or a Trane system, keeping it clean is necessary if you want to preserve its original SEER rating, and keep it performing efficiently in order to keep your energy bills fairly low. Therefore, hire AC maintenance often, so that you do not have to end up spending a lot of money on AC Replacement.

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