Coronavirus & Air Conditioner FAQs [Infographic]

Misinformation is as bad as the coronavirus itself in this pandemic situation. To avoid the spread of incorrect information during this tough Coronavirus pandemic, our HVAC experts in Green Leaf Air decided to answer some of the Coronavirus
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How to Storm-Proof Your HVAC System

Hurricanes and storms are frequent in the US. If you don’t take necessary protective measures, it can damage your HVAC system. Here’s how you storm-proof your HVAC System.   4 Tips on Protecting Your
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How to Storm-Proof Your HVAC System [Infographic]

HVAC systems can be greatly damaged when you don’t keep it safe during storm or a hurricane. Here’s are 4 tips on how to storm-proof your HVAC system…
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Furnace Short Cycling & How to Repair in Dallas

Furnace short-cycling is a common problem faced by homeowners in the winter. Due to furnace short-cycling, the heating electric bill goes up, and sometimes your furnace stops functioning.     What is Furnace
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4 Ways to Repair Furnace Short Cycling [Infographic]

Furnace short cycling can sometimes be a pain. However, there are some simple ways you can repair the furnace short cycling yourself at home…

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Ventilation Basics & How Does It Impact Your Comfort

V stands for ventilation in HVAC. With proper ventilation, you can maximize comfort in your house. In this article, I’ll briefly talk about the basics of ventilation and its impact on your comfort.   
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2 Types Of Ventilation – Natural & Mechanical [Infographic]

Ventilation is a crucial Part of HVAC. In fact, the “V” in HVAC stands for Ventilation and only by ensuring proper ventilation, you can maximize your indoor comfort. Natural ventilation & Mechanical ventilation are the two common types of
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Everything You Need to Know About Air Conditioner Warranty

Air conditioners are very prone to repair, and air conditioner repair comes to the homeowners as a surprise expense. However, if your air conditioner has a warranty, then you can avoid paying for the expense. 

If your air conditioner is new, there is a high chance that it still has valid warranty. Most of the AC manufacturers offer a 5-10 years warranty and some of which offer labor warranty. But there are some hidden conditions in the warranty documents. For example, it may not cover the compressor of your air conditioner. But the compressor is a big player in an air conditioner, and when it needs repairs, you'll have to spend a significant amount of money since it is not covered by most AC companies, if not all. 

In this article, I'll tell you about all the necessary information about the air conditioner warranty that you should know. 

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3 Hazardous Elements Present in Your HVAC System

Coronavirus pandemic in all over the world has renewed the awareness of having healthy air in both indoor and outdoor. All homeowners seem to be worried about the indoor air quality because of this Coronavirus pandemic. But there’s
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3 Hazardous Elements Present in Your HVAC System [Infographic]

HVAC systems are meant for your comfort but sometimes these heating and air conditioning units can have contagious & harmful elements present in them. In order to prepare for a fight against these health hazards, you must know what they
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Ultimate Guide to Furnace Filter

Airborne debris like dust, dander, pollen, allergens are very harmful to your health and lungs. However, there’s a debate among the health community about the airborne nature of the COVID-19 virus. Whether the COVID-19 is an airborne disease or not, you shouldn’t take a risk when it comes to your health. A furnace filter prevents all these airborne particles from entering your body. Also, it protects the blower motor of your HVAC system from dust and debris.

Furnace filter replacement is an integral part of HVAC maintenance. It improves the quality of the air and protects your HVAC components from dust and small particles. In this article, I’ll give you the ultimate guide to furnace filters, including its types, costs, things to consider and many more.

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Ultimate Guide to Furnace Filter [Infographic]

Looking to change your furnace filter?

Look no further cause in this complete guide to furnace filters, you’ll get everything including different types of furnace filters, cost to replace one, things to remember when you are replacing as well as how often you should change it.

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4 Smart HVAC System Equipment For Smart Homes

In a smart home, you can control your lights, air conditioner, heating, and cooling system with your Smartphone. Smart HVAC systems are connected with the internet, and by using Wi-Fi, you can change the settings of your HVAC system in seconds.
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4 Smart HVAC System Equipment For Smart Homes [Infographic]

Smart homes are the homes of future. From lights, security system to HVAC system, everything these days can be controlled remotely, adding the “smart” aspect to your home. But where do you learn about the smart HVAC systems?

You have The Guardian for news, you have Wiki How for DIY tutorials and you have Stack Over Flow for your coding needs. But where do you go smart home HVAC tips? Well, you won’t have to go anywhere, you are in the right place. HVAC Whole Sales blog area is exactly where you need to be.

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3 Ways To Keep Your Home Comfortable In Summer

As summer is about to begin in a few weeks, you’ll need to use your HVAC system more often to ensure your comfort. Because of the recent COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, there’s a lockdown situation in the US. Now, US has the most infected COVID-19 patients in the world. For safety measures, the US govt. has ordered its citizens to stay at home. This lockdown situation can continue until the end of the summer. As a result, you’ll have to stay home this summer. As you’ll have to stay home all day long during this summer, you’ll need your home HVAC the most for comfort purposes. But while using, you’ll have to care about the economic side of using your HVAC system because, in this pandemic situation, you definitely don’t want to spend more. In this article, I’ll tell you a few ways to keep your home comfortable in an efficient way in this summer.

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3 Ways To Keep Your Home Comfortable In Summer [Infographic]

Your home comfort depends greatly on your home heating and air conditioning system, especially in Summer when you need the air conditioning the most. To ensure maximum indoor comfort, you need to make the whole HVAC situation in home efficient. Here are 3 ways your HVAC system can contribute to your home comfort in Summer.

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Air Duct Cleaning Has No Effect on COVID-19

Coronaviruses belong in a family of viruses that cause illness in humans and animals. From studies, it was seen that COVID-19 is not transmitted through the air. Therefore, humidification and air conditioning do not affect the transmission of the virus and air duct cleaning does not impact its ability to spread.

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Dirty Air Filters Do Cause Respiratory Problems [Infographic]

Dirty air filter is no joke. There’s no way you should push back the air filter changing date since dirty air filter do cause a number of respiratory problems.

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HVAC Warranty Guide for Homeowners

Your HVAC system can stop working at any time, or you may need to repair some parts of the HVAC system. That’s why most of the HVAC manufacturers offer warranty for the HVAC system. However, the warranty can be used as a marketing policy or gain customers’ trust, but I won’t talk about this topic today.

Many home users believe that they won’t need the warranty service. On the other hand, there’s another group which believes that the manufacturer won’t give them the warranty service, which they promised to do. But unfortunately, both groups are wrong. HVAC warranty service is straightforward, and there are no hidden conditions behind it. If you need a service warranty, you’ll get it from the HVAC company. Wise home HVAC users collect all the information about the HVAC warranty service and use them when they’re in need of that.

In this article, I’ll give you the full guide of HVAC warranty and its different types.

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3 Types of HVAC Warranty – Manufacturer, Installation & Extended [Infographic]

HVAC System Warranty is not that difficult to understand unlike many other warranties we deal with. Basically, HVAC warranties are either one of these three – Manufacturer warranty, Installation warranty & Extended warranty.

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Basics of Air Duct Design for your HVAC System

HVAC systems offer the most efficient and effective heating and cooling systems, be it in your home or commercial space. Therefore, in these forced air systems, the design of the underlying ductwork plays a key role in determining the efficiency of air distribution, maintenance of regular and unobstructed airflow, proper dehumidification, and controlled heating and cooling.

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Basics of HVAC System Air Duct Design [Infographic]

Good air duct design is very important for an efficient HVAC system. Here are some of the basics of HVAC system air duct design that you need to know before installing or upgrading home/office air duct system.

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How to Find the Best Mini Air Conditioner

During summer, sometimes it gets very difficult for us to bear the extreme heat. The situation get worse when your living space doesn’t allow you to install a central air conditioner in your house. If you’re in this situation, you can install a mini air conditioner in your space. This mini air conditioner is best for studio apartments and dormitories. By installing a mini air conditioner, you’ll be able to cut back noise coming out of an air conditioner and save money at the same time. In this article, I’ll tell you about some factors you need to consider while buying a mini air conditioner for your house or dormitory. But before, let’s know what a mini air conditioner is. 

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4 Factors to Consider When Buying a Mini AC [Infographic]

For some homeowners, a mini AC is a good and suitable option. But when you buy a mini air conditioner, here are 4 factors you need to consider to make the best decision.

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