An HVAC package unit is the all-in-one heating and cooling system solution for all house owners that don't have a lot of indoor space. The furnace, coil and, an air handler all are boxed in a single cabinet. This HVAC package unit will contain the majority of their parts in one outside unit that will be built on either the rooftop of your house or to the side of the structure of your building. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) package units are designed to keep you in a comfortable atmosphere throughout the year.

HVAC Package Unit vs. Traditional System

Heat, Ventilation and Air conditioning these three components are packaged all together in an HVAC package unit. A typical system consists of all these components in a split system. A typical or traditional system is made up of more than three units; these are condensers, compressors, and evaporators. The condenser and compressor unit is located in an outside cabinet and an evaporator can be found in the indoor cabinet. These separate units are connected with each other with a set of a copper tube called line-set. A copper tube's main function is to transfer refrigerant from one to another. This is the main difference between the two systems. Otherwise, an HVAC package system works in the same principle as a traditional system. But if we consider size, an HVAC package unit is small and compact compared to a traditional system. The installation process is also quick, easy and affordable for an HVAC package unit. On the other hand, a traditional system needs a proper installation to work properly. If it is not installed properly its efficiency will decline. Because of the installation method, it requires a higher installation cost. A traditional system is only recommendable when you have ample space and for industrial purposes. Otherwise, an HVAC package unit is the perfect solution for you. 


See the differences between an HVAC system and traditional system here in this infographic – Difference Between HVAC System Package & Traditional System [Infographic]

 What Makes An All In One HVAC Package Unit?

Right Size and Located Outdoor to Meet Building’s Needs

According to different needs based on a building’s heating or cooling capacity and installation requirements, HVAC units are available in small and large sizes. Small package units are used to heating and cooling in private homes where space is limited. It can also be used in small buildings. On the other hand, large HVAC package units are used for commercial uses. Large package units can be installed in two ways; on a concrete slab or on the roof. However, the smaller packages are installed on a concrete slab next to the building's structure.


HVAC Package Unit Configuration

All in one HVAC package unit eliminate the need for a separate indoor furnace. So, the choice depends on a particular location and heating or cooling requirements and also on the efficiency. For instance, a packaged air conditioner offers an all-electric heating and cooling solution that is suitable for warmer climates where heat is not required regularly. Again, a packaged gas-electric unit combines an electric-powered air conditioner with the efficiency of gas-powered heating which increases overall efficiency. A packaged heat pump is used in areas where temperatures rarely drop below freezing because it includes the AC components along with a heat pump and an air handler to both cool and heat a building.


So an HVAC package unit has all the facilities you want in a furnace. If you are living in a small place or urban areas like New York City, this is the perfect solution for you. It consumes less space as it can be placed on a roof or next to the building structure. Besides, it consumes less energy than the traditional system that makes it cheaper and budget-friendly for expensive cities like NY. Therefore, an HVAC package unit is the ultimate modern solution for you.


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