If you’re looking for a cheap way to keep yourself cool through the summer without investing in a full-fledged HVAC system, an evaporative cooler might be the right solution for your home. However, there are a few things about evaporative air coolers that you need to know before you go out and purchase one. Therefore, today, we’re going to help you understand how an evaporative cooler works and the advantages of using one in your home.


What are Evaporative Air Coolers?

The working principle of an evaporative cooler is vastly different from that of a standard air conditioner or central ac unit. Here, the evaporative air cooler works through evaporation. That is, it uses heat energy to evaporate water into water vapor, and doing so leads to a drop in temperature. This is essentially how your body cools through sweating – sweat evaporates from your skin using heat energy from your body and therefore cools you down.

If you live in a low-humidity climate, an evaporative air cooler is perfect for you as you can effectively use the evaporative properties of an evaporative air cooler to cool your home down to a comfortable temperature. An evaporative cooler uses sophisticated technology to cool your home down without creating a fuss or a mess.


How Does An Evaporative Air Cooler Work?

An evaporative air cooler automates evaporation through the use of fans and cooling pads to cool your home down to a comfortable temperature. Generally, your evaporative air cooler will come with a fan, a thick pad, and a water reservoir. Additionally, the control board will come with various settings to fine-tune the temperature settings.

The fan blows air over the cooler pad. Here, the cooler pads have already absorbed water from the reservoir. When the hot dry air blows over the cooler pads, surface water on the cooler pads evaporate, thereby causes the temperature within the cooler to drop by a few degrees. Another fan then blows the cooled air into your room and helps you live through another warm day.

The best evaporative air coolers use additional parts to improve air quality going into the air cooler. That is, the evaporative air cooler will come with additional filters and pads which remove dust from the air, trap bacteria, reduce mildew growth, and improve overall air quality. Therefore, with an evaporative air cooler, you can effectively combat mold and mildew growth in your home. To up the ante, some evaporative air coolers come with ice pack add-ons. This allows you to use ice cubes from your refrigerator to further cool the air coming out of the evaporative air cooler.


The Advantages of an Evaporative Air Cooler

When compared against traditional HVAC systems and central ac units, evaporative air coolers offer two distinct advantages. They are an efficient and sustainable cooling solution for the long-term. Both of these advantages stem from the fact that an evaporative cooler uses far less electricity to operate than a traditional air conditioning unit does. This is mostly because an evaporative cooler only relies on some fans to cool the airflow as opposed to refrigerant compression and expansion as in a traditional air conditioning unit.

Sustainability is another major advantage when it comes to an evaporative air cooler. In addition to less electricity use, you do not use chemical refrigerants or other harmful greenhouse gases that harm the ozone layer. With an evaporative air cooler, you’re only dependent on water to cool the air in your home. Therefore, you leave behind a smaller carbon footprint by opting for an eco-friendly evaporative air cooler for your home.


How to Get The Most Out of Your Home’s Evaporative Air Cooler?

To make the best use of your evaporative air cooler, be sure to follow these steps when operating it:

·         Open the doors and windows. Evaporative air coolers depend on a continuous supply of fresh, low-humidity air to function properly.

·         Refresh the evaporative air cooler’s water supply after each extended use. This keeps the cooler pad water from stagnating and welcoming bacterial and mold growth.

·         Consult an HVAC specialist before deciding on an air cooler – if the cooler does not meet the capacity requirements of your room, you might have to opt for an air conditioning unit.


Can an Evaporative Air Cooler Replace Your HVAC System?

In short, no. An evaporative air cooler cannot replace your air conditioner as it simply isn’t built for the same purpose. The air conditioner in an HVAC system is designed to efficiently cool multiple rooms whereas an evaporative air cooler only cools a single room by a few degrees. Therefore, if you need a complete heating and cooling solution you should opt for a full-fledged HVAC system with a proper central ac unit.



An evaporative air cooler is a cheap and cost-effective way of cooling your home. Therefore, if you live in a dry climate will very low air humidity, you can rely on an evaporative air cooler to cool your room down to a comfortable temperature. In addition to saving in purchasing costs versus a traditional air conditioning unit, you will be able to cut down on energy costs and leave a smaller carbon footprint.


See an infographic on a similar topic here – Getting the Most Out Of An Evaporative Air Cooler [Infographic]

 Getting the Most Out Of An Evaporative Air Cooler

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