I have talked openly on the topic of how incredibly stupid closed air vents system is, especially when you are considering it for saving from your HVAC cost, including energy bills. However, I can guarantee you that closed vents HVAC system is not efficient, at least not to the extent you think it is. The reason is – even though you have closed vents to a room that you no longer need heating and cooling, your air conditioner or a heating system like a gas furnace or Heat Pump doesn’t know that. So, the energy consumption isn’t decreased.

Whenever I talk about closed vents not being efficient, I get asked – “then what is?”.

My answer to that is Zoning and today I’ll talk about what you’ll need to zone your existing HVAC system.

But before I get into how to zone your HVAC system, I should remind you why would you want to zone your heating and air conditioning system in the first place.


Why you want to Zone you HVAC system

1.       Convenience

The main reason why you would want to zone your air conditioning units or heating system is the convenience that comes it. Let me explain.

When you zone your HVAC system, you can stop heating and cooling for a particular area of your house. For example, say you are going to bed and doesn’t need heating and air conditioning in your kitchen and living. You can turn it off with your zoned HVAC system. You don’t have to go to each room to shut off or change the temperature settings on the individual air conditioners or you don’t have to change the setting of your central Air conditioner completely. You can do it from your bedroom – convenience at its best.

2.       Comfort

For the same reason, you can make comfort more comfortable. What I am trying to explain is – since you can control the environment is individual areas of your home, you will be comfortable all the time. For example, say you are in the kitchen and the temperature is set by someone else in the living room. Since the temperature in the kitchen is higher, it needs a slightly different temperature setting. And this can be done with a zoned HVAC system. That means – comfort of heating and air conditioning is made more comfortable.

3.       Efficiency

Since you can stop heating and cooling in particular areas, you can also save energy cost and HVAC cost in general.


What do you need to Zone your existing HVAC system?

Now, let’s get into what you would need to zone your HVAC system –

         I.            Zone Control Panel

       II.            Thermostats

     III.            Zone Dampers

    IV.            Bypass Damper


1.       Zone Control Panel

The Zone control panel can be called as the brain of your zoned HVAC system. It works similar to how the human brain works to control our body.

Basically, the control panel controls all the thermostats, dampers and your HVAC system itself. This is definitely the most important component to zone your AC and heating system.

2.       Thermostats

Thermostats are the key component of the zoned HVAC system because it is a must have to ensure different controls on different parts of your home.

The function of thermostats is to measure the temperature of the room. And when the temperature falls down or rises, it sends signals to the control panel. Based on the signal, the control panel then decides between heating and cooling.

3.       Zone Dampers

These Zone dampers are used for the air ducts. They are installed in the air ducts to regulate and thus, control the overall air in different zones of your home.

These damper devices are mostly wired to a particular zone on your control panel. According to the signals sent by thermostats, these dampers are closed and opened automatically. Basically, these dampers control the air flow of different zones.

4.       Bypass Damper

Sometimes the air pressure in the air ducts can cause problems. This is where the bypass dampers come in. They basically bypass the pressure from air ducts. Otherwise, you would have to go through air duct system maintenance and air duct cleaning more frequently.


How to Prepare for AC repair situations for you Zoned Heating and Cooling system

When it comes to AC maintenance & repair, the preparations and AC Repair costs are pretty much the same.

But since you would need additional equipment to zone your HVAC system, you might need to worry about the AC services more than you would for a Zone-less central AC unit. Also, you would want to keep the AC maintenance and services on hold until HVAC experts come because there is simply nothing you can do about the damaged zoning equipment if you are not familiar with zoning at a technical level. However, this slightly extra hassle is worth the comfort, convenience and efficiency.


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