The bathroom in is perhaps the most neglected part of your home, even though its ventilation affects your whole house. And ventilation is an integral part of your home HVAC that is Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. But the ventilation part of your home bathroom can be handled easily with an exhaust fan and humidity sensor. You don’t definitely don’t want the excess humidity in your bathroom to cause a growth in molds and harmful microorganisms. So, here’s how you install the humidity sensor and exhaust fan –

First let’s start with humidity sensor installation.


How to install a humidity sensor?

Step 1 – Cut the power

Like every electric equipment installation, you need to make sure the power supply is cut off. You can do this from your fuse box.


Step 2 – Connect the wire with pressure plates

This step requires some general knowledge of wiring.

The humidity sensor has pressure plates on them. You need to cut the insulation of the wires (the plastic jacket) for about half an inch to use it with your sensor. Once you cut the insulation, you need to put the wire behind those pressure plates. Then tighten the screw to finish the connection.


Step 3 – Install the humidity sensor face up

When you install the humidity sensor, make sure it is facing up in the right direction. So before screwing it make sure you the “top” is on the top.


Step 4 – Program your humidity sensor

Most humidity sensors have three dials. The first one controls the time the second one controls humidity sensitivity and the last dial controls both air circulation and humidity.

However, the humidity sensors can have more programmable options depending on the model. That means the installation process may vary depending on the model and device.


You can see the steps to install a humidity sensor in this infographic – Installing A Humidity Sensor In Your Bathroom [Infographic]


Now, let’s talk about the exhaust fan installation process.


How to install exhaust fans in your bathroom?

Step 1 – Check for the right fan size

You need to calculate the size of the fan that will be perfect for your bathroom.

If your manufacturer suggests the number of CFMs over the square feet, you can use this formula – Length x Width = Square Feet. On the other hand, if your manufacturer suggests the number of CFMs over the cubic feet, you can use this formula – Length x Height x Width = Cubic Feet.


Step 2 – Decide where the air will vent

Before you install the exhaust fan, make sure you have the vents planned through. Your exhaust fan must vent outside.


Step 3 – Get familiar with the electrical options

If you don’t want to get involved in the electrical settings, you can consult to an electrician. But if you are confident about the electrical stuff, you can attempt to understand the electric settings.


Step 4 – Mount the exhaust fan

There are two options to mount an exhaust fan. The first option is to mount the exhaust fan with attic access. The second option is to mount without attic access.


Step 5 – Check if everything is okay or not

After the installation, make sure the wiring is done well and mounted tightly to your bathroom. Only after checking everything, turn on the exhaust fan.


Now, you have a full bathroom ventilation system, exhaust fan and humidity sensor installed in your bathroom and trust me, all the effort you put into this will definitely be worth the hygienic and fresh air in your bathroom.  


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