When it comes to our HVAC system, we are quite serious about the AC maintenance and repair. But we often forget about the air filters in the heating and cooling system. This is not good for the indoor comfort you are looking for. To understand the full potential and effect of an air filter to your overall comfort, it is important that you know the function of an air filter and chooses the right air filter for your HVAC system. And that’s why I am here for.

Let me explain how air filters functions and how to choose the right air filter for your heating and air conditioning


How does Air Filters work?

Air filters are usually made from pleated paper or cloth enclosed in a cardboard frame or a spun fiberglass material. As the name suggests, its primary function is to filter the air that circulates and passes through the air ducts. So, if the air filter is not working properly, you might need to go through air duct cleaning more frequently than you would hope.

These air filters can filter different particles and contaminants including -

-          Dust & dirt

-          Pollen

-          Fibers and lint

-          Mold and mold spores

-          Hair and animal fur

-          Plaster, metal or wood particles

-          Microorganisms & Bacteria

These particles and contaminants can harm your health that’s why it is important to get the perfect air filter for your central air conditioner, Heat Pump, gas furnace, etc. Then filtration process happens when the expanded air is pulled into your HVAC system for air conditioning and then distributed back into the room.


Choosing the right air filter – Air filter efficiency & MERV ratings

In order to choose the best air filter for your heating and cooling system, you need to understand that not all air filters offer the same level of efficiency. The ones that cost most will be the most efficient in getting rid of the contaminants and particles from your home. Also, remember that if you fail to choose the right air filters, your AC Repair situations will be much difficult and you’ll end up paying more for AC maintenance & repair in general. So, to limit your HVAC cost, it is best to choose the proper air filter for your HVAC system and change when needed.

To measure the efficiency of filtering, HVAC companies have MERV ratings. MERV is the acronym of Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. The standard value for MERV rating ranges from 1 to 16. Higher the MERV rating, higher the efficiency of air filtration.

1.       MERV rating 1 to 4: These air filters are commonly used to cover basic air filtration that even at a low cost.  

2.       MERV rating 6 to 8: These air filters are generally used to cover residential air filtration needs. Most of the time, they are made from paper or pleated cloth to provide an additional surface to capture particles and contaminants.

3.       MERV rating 9 to 12: These mid-range air filters are high-quality air filtration device. They can capture or filter very small particles, as small as 1 micron and larger.

4.       MERV rating 13 to 16: These air filters are the best you can get. They can filter particulates as small as 0.3 microns and larger.

Filtration systems and filter are likewise accessible with MERV rating higher than 16. These kinds of filters are extremely successful, but on the other hand, they're dense and thick and can meddle with airflow inside your home's HVAC gear. High-MERV filters can lessen your heating and air conditioning efficiency and could harm your HVAC system by limiting the airflow. Ensure your heating or cooling gear can deal with the higher-MERV filters before you buy or install one.


Air Filter is similar to AC Maintenance & Repair in many ways

The majority of the air that heats or cools your home will, in the end, go through the air filter in the HVAC system. Thus, it's crucial that you keep clean filters in your heating or cooling setup.

1.            Clogged and dirty air filters are an essential wellspring of HVAC system glitches. In the more extraordinary cases, the messy filters can harm heating and cooling gears.

2.            Dirty air filters can lessen the airflow inside the HVAC system, which can cause air-taking care of fans to work more enthusiastically and destroy speedier.

3.            Dirty air filters can't evacuate contaminants and particulates successfully, which permits these materials again into your indoor air.

4.            Dirty air filters can make contaminants aggregate in your heating and cooling system's ductwork.

Air filters ought to be checked each month and changed whenever they get filthy. A visual examination should demonstrate whether the filters are clogged or messy.

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