Looking to change your furnace filter?

Look no further cause in this complete guide to furnace filters, you’ll get everything including different types of furnace filters, cost to replace one, things to remember when you are replacing as well as how often you should change it.


The Ultimate Guide to Furnace Filter

Ultimate Guide To Furnace Filter

Furnace Filter Types & Things to Consider

Some of the available furnace filter types are-

  1. Pleated
  2. Electrostatic
  3. HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air
  4. Synthetic or Fiberglass


Things to consider when replacing a furnace filter –


1.       Size

2.       Thickness

3.       Efficiency of the filter


Now, I’ll tell you the cost associated with furnace filter replacement.


Factors Weighing In Replacing Cost


1.       MERV value

2.       Materials

3.       Model of your furnace

Based on these factors, a furnace filter can cost you $10 to $40 at most.


How Frequent Should I Change the Furnace Filter?

Depends on the filter thickness.


1" filter: 2-3 mon.

5" filter: 12 mon.


What is a MERV Value?

MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. This rating is used to determine the efficiency of a furnace filter. MERV value ranges from 1 to 16.

To determine the ideal MERV value for your HVAC system, you should consult with an HVAC professional.  


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