Is your furnace blower not turning on? Worry not; you might be able to repair it yourself. To help you fix your furnace blower motor, here’s the troubleshooting guide. 


1.      Check the wires

You have to inspect the wires of your furnace to check whether the power cord or fuse has melted or blown out. If you do not see anything wrong with the cables, try unplugging the fan for a few minutes and plug again. This process can help reset the motor, and your furnace may start running properly. If this method does not work, then check the fuse box. Sometimes, due to a surge of electricity, the system overloads, and the breaker pops. When you check your fuse box and find popped breakers, switch it on. 

2.      Inspect the Vents and the Filters 

Sometimes, the blower motors cannot circulate air because there is no air to move. You need to check the vents and filters to ensure the blower won’t have a hard time working properly. Inspect the air filter’s housing and look out for markings on the filter. Check whether the arrows on the HVAC filter are pointing towards the correct direction or not. If you notice they are pointing at the wrong direction, fix them.

Moving on, inspect the vents around your furnace blower to see whether they are clogged. If you notice that the blower is too dirty or dusty, wipe it away using a rag or spray the dust away with compressed air.

3.      Examine the thermostat and make sure it is working correctly 

The thermostats are mostly set in the ‘auto’ mode when you buy your furnace. However, your thermostat may start malfunctioning as it gets old. To make sure it is set properly, you have to implement a manual override. Select the “on” switch from the three settings: ‘on,’ ‘off,’ and ‘auto.’ This will result in the lock of the fan to set into an always-on state. But after switching the thermostat control to ‘on’, if nothing happens, you can try replacing the thermostat batteries. If this does not work, try setting the temperature controls to 2-5 degrees above the room temperature. If you try out all of these and still the thermostat does not work, try calling for an expert technician. 

4.      Make sure to check the Drive Belt of your furnace blower 

Switch off the power of your furnace at the circuit breaker panel to check whether the blower motor belt is damaged. Then check the belt that runs the blower of the furnace. You will notice the belt is cracked and has to be replaced. You have to check for belt crack even if the fan is malfunctioning.


Reset the Furnace Blower

If you cannot figure out the problem with your furnace blower motor. Try resetting the blower. If you hear a humming sound out of your furnace, you should try to reset the blower. The steps are simple so follow the instructions: 

1.      Switch off the power of your furnace by shutting off the breaker connected to your furnace. 

2.      Take off the blower cover by unscrewing the screws around the front. Usually, there are 3-4 screws to unscrew. 

3.      Next, allow the blower to cool down. It is important to wait for the metal components to cool down, so you can touch them safely. 

4.      Now search for the reset button, which is usually red. Once you find the button, check if it is popped. Push it back in if popped. 

5.      There is a small circuit breaker connected to the reset button inside your blower. Sometimes due to the overloading of electricity, it pops. Check and see if it popped, push it back if it is. 

6.      Now, call for motor repair after you have successfully reset your blower motor and yet the motor is not working. 



Even after troubleshooting, your furnace blower motor won't turn on; the actual situation might be even worse. You can call for technicians to repair your furnace. They have the necessary tools and proper training to repair or tune-up your furnace in no time. So don't risk waiting longer; give a call to the HVAC experts for fixing your furnace blower. 


See the summary of this content here in an infographic – Troubleshooting Furnace Blower Motor [Infographic]

Troubleshooting Furnace Blower Motor