Trane XV80 Two Stage V/S 58000 BTUH Gas Heating Furnace TUD2C100ACV52B

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Gas Heating Furnace TUD2C100ACV52B

Similar to the condenser, the gas furnace also operates on a two-stage basis which allows it to operate efficiently as well, requiring few startups and shutdowns. Moreover, the temperature in your home will be consistently warm throughout the cold winter due to the longer operational time of the furnace.

The Trane XV80 Two Stage V/S 58000 BTUH Gas Heating Furnace TUD2C100ACV52B is highly efficient for other reasons as well. For starters, it uses about 80% of the fuel put into it and converts it into heat to keep your home warm, which brings down your heating costs quite low on its own. In addition to this, you get benefits such as a variable-speed blower motor which works well in tandem with the two-stage gas valve to keep your home warm efficiently. Moreover, you have exceptional humidity control with the Comfort-R™ from Trane built into the blower motors. On top of everything else, you will be getting:

-          A self-diagnostic microelectronic control that keeps your gas furnace in check and in optimal performance.

-          Efficient burners to perfectly shape the flame cone to reduce fuel usage and maximize heat output.

-          A prepainted galvanized steel cabinet with easily accessible panels, quick to clean filters, and an insulated blower cabinet that all packs together into a durable and robust gas furnace, keeping all of the internals safe from external harm.

-          A 20-year warranty on the heat exchanger and a10 year warranty on other functional parts, which goes to show that Trane believes in their product’s capabilities and intends to keep their customers satisfied.