Trane XR 80 AFUE Gas Furnace  TUD1C080A9H41B
Trane XR 80 AFUE Gas Furnace TUD1C080A9H41B

Trane XR 80 AFUE Gas Furnace TUD1C080A9H41B

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What does the Trane XR 80 AFUE Gas Furnace TUD1C080A9H41B do?

Essentially, the gas furnace converts fuel into the air when you need heating in your home. Not only that, during the summer, it helps the air conditioner to circulate air through your home.

Due to the use of specially fabricated burners and a new and improved gas valve, the Trane XR 80 AFUE Gas Furnace TUD1C080A9H41B features an operational efficiency of 80%, which is quite high among the gas furnaces available in the market. Moreover, Trane goes a step further and makes an effort to pack that efficiency in a neat little durable package. Each of the components that make up the gas furnace has been repeatedly tested for failure before being put onto the manufacturing line. From there, they are assembled with care according to the design specifications for maximum efficiency.

How durable is the Trane XR AFUE Gas Furnace?

Trane has built a reputation around the reliability of their furnaces, by winning the Dealer Design Award multiple times in addition to the David Weekley Homes’ prestigious Partners of Choice Award for Service and Product Performance. The professional craftsmanship and premium materials that go into the gas furnace coupled with innovative design choices is what has allowed Trane to become a leader.


Other notable features of the gas furnace

-          Compatibility with Trane CleanEffects allows the XR80 to supply your home with cleaner and more hygienic air by removing pollutants and irritants from the air.

-          Variable-Speed Blower Motor with Comfort-R™ that allows your system to start up and shut down much quieter than other systems. Additionally, the variable motor allows for an even distribution of heat throughout your home, reducing any chances of temperature variation between rooms significantly.

-          Opposing standard igniters, the Trane gas furnace has the far more reliable Silicon Nitride Hot Surface Igniter which automatically adjusts itself for the most efficient ignition temperature thereby extending its life.

-          In regards to the build quality, the XR80 uses a prepainted galvanized steel cabinet, a one-piece heat exchanger with no welds and an insulated blower cabinet.

-          A wonderful warranty package on the heat exchanger valid for 20 years and other functional parts for 10 years.