Trane TEM6 Variable Speed Air Handler TEM6A0C36H31SB
Trane TEM6 Variable Speed Air Handler TEM6A0C36H31SB

Trane TEM6 Variable Speed Air Handler TEM6A0C36H31SB

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Trane TEM6 36000 BTU Variable Speed Air Handler TEM6A0C36H31SB 

Trane has built a legendary reputation around high-quality, high-performance and durable air handlers. This particular version, the TEM6 is just one of their many feature-packed air handlers that are designed to meet your HVAC needs through the cold winters.

Several things have been done right to make this a worthy part of your HVAC system. For starters, the air handler features an all-aluminum design and coil which is far more durable than the usual copper coils. This lengthens the period through which the air handler remains efficient. Moreover, the all-aluminum design makes the coils less susceptible to leaks and therefore, less likely to let out the refrigerant into the atmosphere.

In order to ensure effective long-term operation, Trane has equipped the air handler with a very efficient variable-speed motor with Trane’s sophisticated Comfort R™ technology. This allows for quiet starts ups, prolonged operation at a lower setting and eliminates hot and cold spots in favor of a more evenly. distributed home atmosphere. Additionally, the air handler is compatible with Trane CleanEffects™, which serves as a great way to improve the amount of dust, pollen and dirt removed from the air circulating through your system and giving you and your family healthier air to breathe.

The Trane TEM6 really shines when it comes to its outer shell. That is, Trane has put on a high-quality corrosion resistant finish over it to keep it rust free. This also serves as a modest way to make the air handler easier to clean. This comes in handy because keeping your HVAC system and your air handler, in particular, is very important. Molds thrive in warm and damp areas, and your air handlers serve as a good breeding ground of these microorganisms. Therefore, before long, you will find yourself with molds in duct if you do not clean your air handler. If it comes to that, you can always hire air duct cleaning services to come to take care of your mold removal. Sometimes, with enough neglect, your air ducts become more than just mold-ridden. They get leaks, which causes the efficiency of your system to drop drastically. This, in turn, will call for air duct replacement. Therefore, in order to preserve high operational efficiency, keep your air ducts and HVAC system clean and hire a high tier air conditioning service often