Trane 5 Ton XR17 Seer Two Stage Gas System With Installation
Trane 5 Ton XR17 Seer Two Stage Gas System With Installation

Trane 5 Ton XR17 Seer Two Stage Gas System With Installation

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trane xr17 seer 5 ton

5 Ton XR 17 SEER Two Stage Condenser

In order to meet all your cooling needs in your home, you will need a high-performance condenser in the backend of your system to cool your air efficiently. This particular condenser operates on two stages of cooling which allows it to stay on for extended periods of time at the lower setting. The benefits of having a two-stage condenser are twofold. Firstly, because the lower setting allows the condenser to stay on for longer periods of time, you are greeted with a consistent temperature throughout your home. This means that you can move from one room to another without having to deal with temperature fluctuations as you do the switch. And second, due to the fact that the condenser is able to stay operational for longer periods of time, it does not need to start up and power down again frequently, which adds to a lot of savings in your energy bills. Once you add the durability of the condenser, the ease of access to fins and panels which make it an easy job for your maintenance service to clean and the added compatibility with Trane CleanEffects™, you can rest assured knowing that all of the cooling in your HVAC system is being handled by a responsible condenser that knows how to get the job done well

trane multi speed gas furnace

Trane multi Speed 80% Gas Furnace TUD2C100B9V5VB

Similar to the condenser, the gas furnace also operates on a two-stage basis which allows it to operate efficiently as well, requiring few startups and shutdowns. Moreover, the temperature in your home will be consistently warm throughout the cold winter due to the longer operational time of the furnace.

5 ton ac coil

Trane 5 Ton Case Coil

Much like the rest of the system, the coil is full of features as well, with all-aluminum Comfort™ coils, easy to access panels for quick accessibility and easy cleaning. Overall, the coil is the perfect way to wrap up the best HVAC system for your home

There are some specific qualities a complete HVAC system needs to possess for it to be worth the amount of money you have to invest to buy one for your home. Most homeowners are looking to get a system that will last them for many years, operates at very high efficiency to keep the air conditioning bills low and easily maintainable. The Trane 5 Ton XR 17 SEER 2 Stage is the just right HVAC system that meets all of those criteria and goes beyond expectations.

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