Trane 5 Ton Heat Pump 4TWR6060H1000A
Trane 5 Ton Heat Pump 4TWR6060H1000A

Trane 5 Ton Heat Pump 4TWR6060H1000A

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Trane 5 Ton Heat Pump 4TWR6060H1000A

The heat pump works quite differently from a gas furnace. A gas furnace produces and releases warm air into your home by burning fuel, whereas a heat pump is a device whose primary focus is to move warm air around. If it is winter, the heat pump works to keep your home warm and if it is the summer, the heat pump works to keep your home cool. In either case, it is important that the machine is capable of doing these at a very efficient rate, as well as being easy to maintain.

In order to ensure efficient operation, Trane has fitted its heat pump with several attractive features, which make it a clear winner against other competitors. Some of the most notable qualities are:

-          Climatuff™ Compressor: A variable speed compressor, which serves as the focal point of the Trane heat pump. This compressor, equipped with TruComfort™ technology, is able to automatically adjust itself in order to maintain an even temperature spread in your home.

-          Low Operational Sound: The amount of noise produced by the heat pump is relatively and stays somewhere between 70 and 75 decibels.

-          Spine Fin™ Coil: A more durable and reliable coil which is much better than any predecessor before.

With all features combined, the heat pump becomes a must-have for any efficient HVAC system and sets itself out to be the standard to beat. That is not where the praise ends however, as both the outdoor and indoor units of the heat pump are easily cleaned.

As any central air conditioner owner would tell you, keeping your system clean is one of the most important tasks you have. Trane ensures that the overhead for this task is kept at a minimum by keeping their designs sleek and easy to clean. Nevertheless, due to exposure to outside elements, you are still likely to end up with molds in duct and hence will require extensive air duct cleaning. Years down the road, when you air ducts are at their limits and have begun to show leaks, you will need to call in air duct replacement services instead of simply going for the usual mold removal.