Trane 4 Ton XR 16 SEER System Install Included
Trane 4 Ton XR 16 SEER System Install Included

Trane 4 Ton XR 16 SEER System Install Included

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trane 4 ton 16 seer condenser

Trane 4 Ton XR16 Seer Condenser

In short, the 4 ton condenser is very efficient. The 4 ton 16 SEER condenser is a great solution for all of your home’s cooling needs. Moreover, it is a perfect match for the cased coil that comes along making it the ideal performer for high efficiency in this system. Finally, the condenser is compatible with Trane CleanEffects™ as well, giving your home cleaner and comfier air flowing through it.

trane XR80 gas furnace

Trane XR 80 AFUE Gas Furnace TUD1C080A9H41B

Essentially, the gas furnace converts fuel into the air when you need heating in your home. Not only that, during the summer, it helps the air conditioner to circulate air through your home. Due to the use of specially fabricated burners and a new and improved gas valve, the Trane XR 80 AFUE Gas Furnace features an operational efficiency of 80%, which is quite high among the gas furnaces available in the market. Moreover, Trane goes a step further and makes an effort to pack that efficiency in a neat little durable package. Each of the components that make up the gas furnace has been repeatedly tested for failure before being put onto the manufacturing line. From there, they are assembled with care according to the design specifications for maximum efficiency

4 ton ac coil

4 Ton Cased Coil 4TXCC007DS3HC

Trane claims that its All-Aluminum Comfort™ Coils are the best in the market, and the numbers go along with their claims. For starters, the cased coil is AHRI matched with the gas furnace allowing the gas system to achieve the coveted 16 SEER rating. The advantage from this is almost immediate and you can definitely feel it in the air. Once the coils have been installed with the gas furnace, you are going to receive the most comfortable air at the highest efficiency throughout the year. And, the cabinets are 100% foil-backed for easy cleaning as well as quiet operation. If you wrap all this in the neat little package that is the 4 Ton Trane Coil, you will have the perfect gas system for your home.

The dedication and commitment that Trane puts forth with each of their products have propelled them to a level high above a lot of its competitors in the HVAC market. With a band of satisfied users and a line of high-quality products, Trane systems are undoubtedly one of the best HVAC solutions for your home. So what makes the Trane 4 Ton 16 Seer Gas System Complete worthy of applause? To answer that question, we will have to a closer look at each of the modules that make up the entire system and discuss what the Trane advantage is.

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