Trane 3 Ton XR 16 SEER System Install Included
Trane 3 Ton XR 16 SEER System Install Included

Trane 3 Ton XR 16 SEER System Install Included

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3 ton xr16 trane condenser

Trane 3 ton xr16 trane condenser

The A/C unit goes hand-in-hand with the efficiency goals of the system, and in order to have become a part of the system, the unit would have to bring in some of its own features. And, just as expected from a Trane unit, the A/C has been constructed with durability tested for a stable and robust construction. Moreover, in accordance with the efficiency standards of the whole system


Trane 80 Gas Furnace TUD1B080A9H31B

The Trane Gas Furnace that comes with the whole system is nothing to be trifled with. It has been packed to the brim with features in addition to the standard efficiency and durability customers have come to expect from Trane. Meeting all those expectations and keeping all those promises, is no easy task but Trane has managed to do it by equipping their Gas Furnace with a lot of features. At the heart of it, all is the reliability, with up to 80% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, which means that almost all of the heat supplied to the Gas Furnace is being converted to heat energy and delivered throughout your home.

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trane 3 ton coil

Trane 3 Ton Coil 4TXCBBO4DS3HCA

Trane has made it their duty to provide their customers with the highest quality systems and pairing a high quality cased coil with the other modules is a significant matter as it defines how good the HVAC system will be at heating and cooling your home

Not unlike the other Trane systems, the Trane 3 Ton XR 16 SEER System is another one of the top contenders in the HVAC market intended towards the mid-range, medium-sized homes with its 3-ton capacity. Moreover, just like the other Trane systems, the Trane 3 Ton XR 16 SEER System is also designed with the intention of being the most energy efficient air conditioning machine of its category while delivering the absolute best performance. However, no Trane system is complete without the family of modules that go into it, which in the case of the Trane 3 Ton XR 16 SEER System, includes a Trane 3 Ton XR 16 SEER Air Conditioner, Trane 3 Ton Cased Coil XR14 Model and a Trane Gas Furnace to boot. Let’s get into the details.

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