Trane 3 Ton XR 14 SEER System Install Included
Trane 3 Ton XR 14 SEER System Install Included

Trane 3 Ton XR 14 SEER System Install Included

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trane 3 ton 14 seer a/c

Trane 3 Ton XR 14 SEER Condenser

The cooling unit is an essential part of your HVAC system. Therefore, when you buy an HVAC system, you need to put a lot of consideration into the kind of condenser you will be purchasing and the benefits that come with it. The condenser’s job is to provide you with the best possible cooling for your home and make sure it does so in an efficient and clean fashion. In order to achieve this, Trane has put a lot of clever engineering behind its condenser and has created a machine perfect for the job. Moreover, all of it comes inside a neat package of a casing constructed of heavy gauge, galvanized steel and painted with weather-resistance powder paint. This greatly enhances the durability of the condenser as it faces off with the external forces as it works outdoors.

 trane gas furnace

Trane 80% Gas Furnace

Another important component of your HVAC system is the gas furnace that handles all of your heating needs throughout the cold winters in order to keep you warm and cozy in your home. The more general features of this particular model include the compatibility with natural gas for fuel. Additionally, an integrated system control which, just like the cooling unit, will continually monitor your gas furnace to ensure that the heating mode it is in is the appropriate one and is optimal. Moreover, with a dual solenoid combination gas valve with a regulator, this gas furnace is extra safe. Finally, it sports one of the most important qualities, being easy to clean.

3 ton trane coil

3 Ton Case Coil

Finally, to the round of the system, you have a great cased coil to go hand in hand with the cooler and gas furnace and help keep your home’s environment clean and comfortable at high efficiency. A properly matched system is important and this cased coil is the right way to round things off for a high SEER HVAC system to serve as the perfect central air conditioner for your home.

A lot of engineering goes into making a great HVAC system, and even more to put together a highly matched system to meet your needs of high efficiency and performance. In this regard, the following system has been put together to meet those needs and reward you with a wonderful HVAC experience and a comfortably cool or warm home, depending on the time of the year.

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