Trane 3 Ton Cased Coil  4TXCB004DS3HCA
Trane 3 Ton Cased Coil 4TXCB004DS3HCA

Trane 3 Ton Cased Coil 4TXCB004DS3HCA

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Trane Cased Coil 4TXCB004DS3HCA - 

Trane has made it their duty to provide their customers with the highest quality systems and pairing a high quality cased coil with the other modules is a significant matter as it defines how good the HVAC system will be at heating and cooling your home. The coil works with your condenser and gas furnace as well, which makes it a vital component in your system. In addition to durability, the coil is quite easy to clean. This comes in handy when you have to consider the fact that maintaining your HVAC system is vital for its efficient operation.


More often than not, HVAC systems need regular maintenance and cleaning. And just as often, they are ignored. However, a Trane system is easy to clean and maintain with aluminum back plates and easily accessible fins, which make the job of maintaining it so that it retains its efficient operation throughout a major portion of its life much easier. Therefore, the coil proves to be a perfect fit in the system along with the A/C unit, a nice step towards creating a complete heating and cooling system for your home.