The Importance of Timely AC Repair

Before I get into how the importance of timely AC Repair, let me tell you a quick story.

There was a farmer who grew corns on his field. He never missed fulfilling the responsibilities of being a farmer. He always used the fertilizers in time – he never forgot taking out the weeds from the field – he never missed to water the corps – he always reaped the corn on time.

In short, he was an ideal farmer.

But one day, he realized that the work he does is too much for what its worth. So, he decided to make some changes. First, he thought, what if he doesn’t rush the farming works to get them done in time. To him, it was really not worth it because he saw his urban friends making a good living without breaking their sweat every day.

So as per his plan, he decided that this year, he will not rush to reap the corns. He thought after I’m done using fertilizers, taking the weeds out, watering them in time, they will grow automatically. So, he thought he won’t reap the corn in time wait till he feels like reaping them.

When the time came to reap the corn, he didn’t go to the field and instead just waited for a few days to let the corn grown more. He thought if the corn is left a few weeks extra then the corn will grow bigger. After 4-5 days, he went and saw very few corn plants being rotten in the sun. he thought to himself – “not a big deal. It’s not even 1/50th of the total corp.”

Then after 2 more days, he went to the field only to find the dried and dead corns.

So, how does this story relate to the timely AC repair?

Well, let me explain.


First of all, see the similarities between an HVAC system and a fertile field. Both require constant care and monitoring for maximum efficiency. Both require the timely measures to ensure it is running smoothly and at the end, both require the same approach when the things go sideways.

First, the requirement of constant care and monitoring. Like the corn farmer, you also need to monitor and check your heating and cooling system at all time.

Whenever or whatever the air conditioning units demand, you must be able to meet them just like how the farmer fulfilled his agricultural farming duties like using fertilizer, removing weeds, watering the plants, etc. If one of them collapse, the entire system will be damaged beyond repair.  

When the farmer doesn’t water the crops, they die and eventually make the field more infertile. Similarly, when you fail to meet the needs of the heating and air conditioning units, the entire system will fall and you might have to bear the costs of AC Replacement.


Again simple rot in the crops can ruin the field just like a simple fault in the central ac unit can require complete HVAC system replacement or duct replacement and cause the HVAC system to break apart. And when these small issues aren’t addressed properly in due time, the situation gets out of hand and possibly mitigates the chances of AC maintenance & repair to be the savior.

Due to the delay in attending the air conditioning repair not only you face the chances of having an HVAC system destroyed but also, increase the expenditure on the HVAC system.

Let me explain even further.

Let’s say you suddenly realize there are molds in ducts. The correct response to this situation should be to get professional air duct cleaning help or to do the mold removal process by yourself. But if the air duct cleaning cost scares you and you don’t act immediately in the hope that you might save a few bucks, fast forward a week, your air ducts are unusable and you require proper duct replacement.

Even though I am trying to explain the importance of timely AC repair, this is a good example to indicate how a delay can affect the system.  

If a delay in the mold removal cause the entire air duct unit to be ripped apart and be replaced, think about what would it do to the HVAC system. This could literally force you to replace the AC units or the whole HVAC system.

Now how would you know if it’s time for AC replacement or AC repair?

Well in simple terms, AC repair will be required when you just went through the troubleshoot and found a problem that needs to be solved. If this AC repair work is not done in time, the need for AC replacement might come.

There are several telltale signs, which make it obvious if it is time for an AC replacement. We will be exploring them in detail.

Age is a major decider if your HVAC system needs to be replaced if the delay hasn’t done anything to the system. An HVAC system is designed to last for a very long time, however, its operational efficiency quickly starts to fall, and as soon as the machine is a decade old, you can expect it to perform poorly. Moreover, the cost of maintaining it will increase as time passes, which greatly decreases the feasibility of repairs. Therefore, as an HVAC system gets old, the need to replace it increases rapidly.

But if the system is not working due to ten delay made in repairing the HAVC system, then you know where is your fault.


Bottom Line

Now, at the end of the article, I would like to remind you how insignificant the amount of AC repair or AC maintenance is in comparison to the total AC replacement or HVAC system replacement. So, by attending to the AC repair works as soon as possible, you can greatly increase the efficiency of the HVAC system in your house or facility and save unwanted expenditure o pile up on the monthly bills.

Whatever you do, never underestimate a fault in the HVAC system, no matter how big or small the technical or mechanical fault it is, attending to it immediately is the right way to go.