Why settle for unsatisfied cleaning and maintenance services when you can prevent the problem to arise in the first place?

There is no denying the fact that air duct cleaning cost is something that will leave a big hole in your pocket. But this can be prevented very easily – by checking the air ducts regularly and taking necessary actions whenever you spot dust starting to sit on them.

Besides, cleaning the air ducts are such a waste of time. You could use this time to do more productive works. So, preventing the dust from sitting on your HVAC system doesn’t only save you from burning your wallet, it also saves your times, hassle and energy.


1.       Identify the source

If you want to prevent dust building up in your HVAC system and in your home, the very first thing you need to do is identify the source. If you are successful in identifying the source from where the dust (in bulk) is entering your system, you are halfway through preventing dust from building up.

To identify the source, look for a loose panel of crack in the system, especially the air vents. Sometimes the air ducts can have a slit in the panel and this small slit or tear could allow dust and other particles to enter inside. Also, it can be a technician’s fault.

Sometimes after air conditioning repair, the mechanics forget to close the panels tightly. In the worst-case scenario, he can leave a whole side of an air duct open. And if that place is out of your site, like under horizontal beam or way up on the ceiling of a big facility, chances are, you will not see it either. In such cases, the consequences are far worse than you could imagine. That’s why proper regular instructions are needed to avoid these situations. Anyways, when you do find the source, I mean the area from where the dust is entering (in bulk) in the HVAC system, you can take necessary measure to close it for good.


1.      Regularly change the air filter

One of the major reasons why the surfaces of your home or facility, especially the air ducts of the HVAC system is clogged with dust is not paying attention to the air filter. Regardless of what HVAC system you use, a Trane system, a Carrier system or a Goodman system, the air filter is a crucial part. If the air filter is not replaced properly in time, the HVAC system will not work as you would expect.

The ideal time to replace an air filter is every three months, at most. Although it’s best to replace in two or two and a half months if the facility is very big. Also, if there is a pet dog or cat in your house or an infant, don’t wait up for 2-3 months to pass. Change every month.


2.      Fix leaks in air ducts

As mentioned earlier, leaks in air ducts are the reason why air ducts fill with dust and all the surface of your home gets layered. But before that happens, handling the leak can prevent the air ducts clogging up. Also, you won’t have to work so hard to clean your home and the furniture every other day.

If you don’t have the proper tools to seal the leaks, don’t worry. Even a masking tape would hold against the air duct. That being said, it cannot be a permanent solution because this could affect the performance of the HVAC system.


3.      Clean dirty & mold infested air ducts

Molds in the duct are not unusual. It happens if you don’t take care of your air conditioning units properly. Besides, mold removal is important on its own. So there is no valid reason why you wouldn’t keep them neat and clean. Besides, if air duct cleaning is not done properly, molds are the least of your problem.

These molds in duct also cause serious damage to the air conditioning units. They not only make the HVAC system inefficient but also attract dirt and debris into the system, which will result in the distribution of the dirt throughout the home.

That’s why it is very important to clean the air ducts and the HVAC system as a whole. Otherwise, one thing will lead to another and you’ll end up with air ducts that are filled with mold and dust, spreading this dirt in the entire home.


Why do you need to be serious about preventing dust buildup in your HVAC system & your home?


1.       To increase the life span of the HVAC system

Dirty – dusty HVAC system harms itself.

Due to the lack of proper cleaning, the unit starts to lose life and gradually becomes incompetent to serve the purpose before shutting off completely. That’s why you should care about preventing dust build up in your system and home.


2.       To ensure proper use of energy

When dust gathers in the system, the air conditioning units don’t work properly. That means they consume energy but can’t make the energy consumption worth its value. That’s why energy, more specifically electricity is wasted.


3.       To save a few bucks from the electricity bills

If the HVAC system works exactly as it is supposed to, energy consumption will decrease and as a result, you would be able to save a few bucks from the bill. But for that, the HVAC system must be free of negative factors like molds in duct, dust, debris, etc.


4.       To maximize machine/HVAC system efficiency

If the air conditioning units are capable of serving its purpose with very little consumption of energy (i.e. no waste of energy), you will achieve full efficiency of the HVAC system.


5.       To protect yourself and your family from health hazards

And finally, you wouldn’t want you or your family member to get sick from the dirt and dust settling in the house and in the air ducts. So, hurry up and check your HVAC system right now for any potential leaks or tears. Seals the leaks and prevent the situation to get even worse.