If your furnace is blowing cold air instead of keeping your home warm, and you unsure about how you should handle it, you’ve come to the right place for a guide on how to fix the issue. Here are some of the most common causes and solutions to your gas furnace problems.

Checking the thermostat can help you identify the problem

The first thing you can do before kicking into panic mode is checking the thermostat. Usually, if you’re the heater in your gas furnace is not turned on, the fan will still keep working and you will feel cold air coming through the vents. Once you check the thermostat, you will notice that that the settings are slightly different. And so, in the event that the thermostat setting reads “On”, change it to “Auto” and you should be getting warm air in no time. However, if the thermostat is on “Auto” and you are not getting warm air from the air vents, then you will need to try out other solutions.

Clogged air filters and overheating will require ac repair & maintenance

Your gas furnace has a limit switch on it. The switch as a safety precaution in the event that your gas furnace overheats and you are at risk of starting a fire. Therefore, once a temperature threshold is reached, the switch turns off the burners. Similar to the “On” setting on the thermostat, despite the burners, turned off, the fans in the gas furnace keep on running and so you end up with air that is not adequately warm.

Overheating is often the result of neglect. Due to irregular and improper maintenance of gas furnaces, their filters and other associated components quickly become very dirty. Eventually, with the grime building up over time, the airways are clogged. Because of this, the gas furnace needs to work much harder for extended periods to provide the same amount of heating it would have it the airways have not been blocked. Therefore, with the continued stressful operation, the gas furnace overheats turn off, and you are left with cool air coming through your vents instead of warm air.

The problem can be easily solved with regular AC maintenance & repair. If the filters fitted into your system are cleaned regularly, or replaced once they are damaged, they will not clog up the airways and restrict airflow. Furthermore, vents that are contaminated with stagnant dirt and bacteria can cause respiratory problems and dust allergies. If family members in your home are more susceptible to allergens, you might want to play closer attention to your central ac unit, and ensure that it gets the proper ac repair services it requires to stay operational at peak efficiency.

If replacing, or cleaning the filters do not work, you have to move on to the next step to remedy your problem.

Remember, the key to keeping your HVAC system healthy, and keeping the heating and cooling of the system up to mark, is by making sure it receives proper air conditioning service.

 Ignition issues are common among gas furnaces

If the ignition mechanism in your gas furnace is not properly functional, your gas furnace will not provide you with the warm air it is supposed to.

First off, verify if you do indeed have an ignition problem on your hands by checking the pilot light of your gas furnace. If it is not out, then our problem lies elsewhere. However, if it is out, you can do two things. First, check the user manual of the gas furnace and find the instructions that point out how you should go about relighting it. Follow the instructions carefully and relight it. Then, wait a few minutes to see if the pilot light goes out again, or stays lit. If it stays lit, then you are lucky, and your problem is solved. However, if it goes out, you will need to call in professional help to come and adjust or even replace the pilot light. It is important to remember that any attempts at trying to fix the problem on your own without any expertise will likely make the problem worse than it is, and you might have to end up paying a large some as the HVAC cost thanks to an AC Replacement. Therefore, hire the best AC maintenance & repair professionals you know and have them come look at your system.

In another case, if you cannot relight the pilot at all, you should check your gas supply to ensure that the valve is actually switched on. This is another safety mechanism to ensure proper operation. The gas supply turns off if you have a dirty pilot light. Clean it up well yourself, or hire ac repair services to get the system back to proper gas flow.

Air duct damage and clogged condensate drain lines – problems that require professional AC repair services

Modern HVAC systems like the ones you can get from Trane HVAC, often have condensate drain lines, which remove water, formed during the heating process and get it away from the gas furnace, thereby reducing the chances of you ending up with molds in duct. However, with time and irregular maintenance runs, the drains are clogged and trigger yet another safety mechanism, which turns off your burners. Therefore, hire professionals right away to come and have a look at your system, get the drains cleaned out, and get it back in working order.

Leaky or dirty air ducts are other well-known causes of cool air from your gas furnace. The solution is quite simple if the damage to your ducts is extensive and you have several leaks in your ductwork, get yourself some professional air professional air duct replacement and you are on your way back to enjoying a warm and comfortable home. If the problem can be fixed simply through some thorough air duct cleaning, get the right AC Repair services and get on with the maintenance.