Learn how to install a humidity sensor in your bathroom from this infographic and keep your home, including your bathroom fresh.


How to install a humidity sensor?

Step 1 – Cut the power

Like every electric equipment installation, you need to make sure the power supply is cut off. You can do this from your fuse box.


Step 2 – Connect the wire with pressure plates

The humidity sensor has pressure plates on them. You need to cut the insulation of the wires (the plastic jacket) for about half an inch to use it with your sensor. Then put the wire behind those pressure plates & tighten the screw.


Step 3 – Install the humidity sensor face up

When you install the humidity sensor, make sure it is facing up in the right direction. So before screwing it make sure you the “top” is on the top.


Step 4 – Program your humidity sensor

Most humidity sensors have three dials. The first one controls the time the second one controls humidity sensitivity and the last dial controls both air circulation and humidity. However, the installation process may vary depending on the model and device.


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