Asthma is a common disease nowadays for various reasons. Unfortunately, it has no cure until now. But you can improve asthma symptoms by visiting your doctor. Also, your HVAC system can improve your asthma symptoms. You need a perfect environment so that you don’t' need to face the asthma attacks. So, here is how you can improve your asthma attacks by with your HVAC system –  


Top 5 Ways to Minimize Asthma Attacks With HVAC System

1. Use the Filtration System

If you don't want asthma attacks anymore or you want to protect your dear ones from becoming an asthma patient, you can start with filtration. Most of the HVAC filters are not very effective for asthma patients or who have an allergy. So, it is recommended to use a filter that has a higher MERV rating. Here are a few types of filtration: 

Standard Filtration 

Most of the HVAC systems are installed with pre-filter. Dust and other airborne pollutants are pulled by the pre-filter from the air. But this pre-filter is not enough for asthma patients. In this case, you need extra filtration. 

High- Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filters

Nowadays you might have seen HEPA in advertisements. HEPA filters can easily block the smallest dust particles. HEPA filters must filter out 99.98 percent of particles. Because of this, air quality improves rapidly and decreases the risk of experiencing asthma symptoms. 

UV Light Treatment 

The ultraviolet system can be added in the basement within your ductwork, aiming them into the heart of your HVAC system. It helps to remove germs and other biological contaminants from the air. The UV bulbs are cheap now. So, you can easily use this UV bulb in your house. 


2. Control Humidity 

Dust and small particles trigger asthma attacks. Cool and humid air is very much friendly for dust and small particles. So, when your air conditioner is on, you may be creating a friendly environment for the dust and other particles unwillingly. Again, if you have carpet and bed in your room, chances are you will experience more asthma attacks when your air conditioner is functioning. So, you must use a regular dehumidifier to check the humidity level. By using a dehumidifier, your room humidity will stay at a certain level and will create a perfect environment for you and your dear ones. 


3. Regular Vacuuming 

The best way to prevent yourself from asthma attacks is to remove the small particles from the air before they get recycled. So, you need to vacuum your house regularly especially when you have an asthma problem. You have to do this strictly when you have carpet in your house because carpets produce a lot of dust and other small particles. It is recommended to use a vacuum that has HEPA filtration. That will help to remove allergens from your house. 


4. Quit Smoking 

If your child or your partner doesn’t have asthma yet and you don't want them to suffer from asthma, you should quit smoking. It is one of the most common asthma triggers. But many asthma patients forget about this. If you don't quit smoking, even the best filters cannot do anything about it. So, you should quit smoking. It will be the best decision for you and your family members. 


5. Maintain your HVAC System 

By scheduling your annual maintenance service, you can easily cost-effectively optimize your HVAC system. Annual maintenance also saves your money and if you don't want to upgrade your HVAC system, it is the only option for you. It also helps you to stay away from asthma attacks. Generally, an annual maintenance service includes a change in the air filter and ductwork cleaning. As a result, you will inhale pure air and will not experience asthma attacks.


See the summary in this infographic – 5 Ways to Minimize Asthma Attacks With HVAC System


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