It is easy to know that your machine needs replacing when it completely breaks down. But what if its juts hanging on to a thin thread? Like any machine, the furnace in your home can also hang on to a thin thread and provide inadequate heating. So, before thing get any worse and you have to suffer in the cold due to sudden furnace breakdown, here’s how you can know whether it is time for you to replace your old furnace with a new or just an appointment with AC repair/Furnace repair specialists would do.

It is time to replace your old furnace with a new one…

Know When It is Time To Replace Your Old Furnace by Rifat Ahmed

1.If your furnace has served you for a long time and wore out over the years

An old system is not the best performer, it is not a new information. But new information is what we consider old, especially for the components of our HVAC system (namely, the central air conditioner, the Heat Pump, the gas furnace, etc.). There is no short answer or a definite answer to the question “when a heating and cooling system component is considered old?”

It varies on the model, work environment and the condition of its internal parts. If you have taken care of your furnace properly and called for AC Repair or furnace repair technicians when needed, it should work fine for at least ten years. But within the 10-15 years of its service, it will wear out eventually, especially the internal parts of the system. So, if your system is serving you for a decade or so, you should consider retiring it and replace it with a new one before it breaks down and you have to sit in your home in freezing cold.

2.If your furnace requires frequent repairs

If your furnace is asking too much attention from you, it is a clear indication to you that its time is up. But how frequent is frequent.

Well, if you have to call air conditioning service company who fixes both heating and air conditioning system components every 2 months, this is a red light. Anything more than routine yearly checkup and occasional malfunction should be taken as the first sign to replace the old furnace.

3.If you are not getting ample heat

When the time for a furnace is up, it starts to become inefficient. You won’t get the new-like performance due to wearing out. So, instead of straining the old furnace, you should just replace it with a new one.

4.If the unit cycling is irregular

Soon-to-collapse furnaces tend to cause irregular heating cycle. This irregularity can be caused by a part-malfunction or fatigue of the furnace. So, don’t waste any more money on repairing it. Just replace it.

5.If your energy bills are increasing

Along with AC maintenance & repair or Furnace repair costs, the energy bills also contribute to the total HVAC cost of your home. And if you notice that it is increasing aimlessly, it means the furnace along with other HVAC system components are not as efficient in heating or cooling as they used to be. An since the system is not as efficient as it was, you should simply replace it with a more efficient (new) unit.

6.If it produces unusual noises

When the HVAC companies make these furnaces, they come out as silent as a Giraffe. But over the years, the furnace in your home might start making squeaky high-pitched noise or gargling sound. If it does, it means the furnace is struggling to do its work.

7.If the airflow quality is not healthy

If you or your family members are suffering from lungs diseases, it means the air quality is not that great. In this situation, the components of your home HVAC system is the culprit and you should not delay in replacing it.

8.If the distributed air smells

Along with making noise, an inefficient and weak furnace with spread unpleasant odor with the air. If you happen to smell the odor, you should immediately turn off the furnace and call for professionals for help in replacing.

See the summary in this infographic – Know When It Is Time To Replace Your Old Furnace

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