If you own a house or renovated after renting it, you have come across HVAC companies. But if you never came across a situation where you needed an HVAC company or you just moved to a new place where your old trusted HVAC specialists won’t be able to offer their service, you’ll need to look for a new AC company in your area. But before you start searching “AC companies near me” or “AC Repair near me” read this. I’m sure today’s blog will help you with choosing a good heating and cooling company in your area.


Choosing a good HVAC company

Don’t just call any HVAC company for AC installation, AC Replacement or AC maintenance & repair you find online. Here’s how you can choose a good air conditioning company in your area –


1.      Experience is the first part of the validation

Experience is the most important aspect of a good HVAC company. If the company you are looking at has completed some projects successfully, that means the HVAC specialists have the right set of skills and the required tech or gadgets at their dispose to meet the requirement of an HVAC installation or HVAC repair. Check how many jobs they completed successfully. Ask for what type of jobs they did over the years and how they were they able to satisfy their previous clients with their performance.


2.      What about their credentials

Most of the established HVAC companies are properly certified by different programs and institutes. HVAC Excellence is one of the certification programs for the HVAC specialists that’ll ensure the technician’s work quality through continuous education and validation. Also, make sure their certifications are up to date. You might also find the qualified HVAC technicians & companies in your area through organizations like:

1.       NATE = (National Association of Technical Excellence)

2.       ACCA = (Air Conditioning Contractors Association of America) &

3.       RESNET Energy Smart Contractor


3.      Any viable references?

Another good way to find reliable HVAC companies is through references. If you are new to an area, just ask your neighbors. You can also ask the real estate agent from whom you bought the house, they might have some numbers for you.


4.      See what others have to say about them

Till now, you have heard from the company and from your real estate agents about the heating and air conditioning companies near you. However, now you need to hear from the people who actually had personal experience with those companies. The best way to do that is by reading through reviews and testimonials from their previous clients.

There are lots of websites where you’ll find genuine reviews for the HVAC companies. These reviews will help you with the decision.


5.      What is their estimate for your situation?

Everyone likes to get things done cheap. But to save some bucks for now, you shouldn’t compromise with the quality of work. That’s why you should not go for a company that offers the least. Best is if you could manage to negotiate for a balance of cost-efficiency and quality. You can do the negotiation in the preliminary evaluation phase where they inspect your situation and give you a rough estimate of how much could the job cost.


6.      The HVAC technicians should be full-time employees and not sub-contractors

Good HVAC system manufacturer/seller or air conditioner services and repair company uses their full-time HVAC professionals for AC services. But there are some cheap service providers who will outsource the work to a subcontractor. This is not good for your air conditioning units. That’s why, choose an HVAC company that uses fulltime employees and not subcontractors.


7.      What about the warranty?

Whether it is a Trane 2 Ton XR 14 SEER HVAC system you are buying or repairing your existing Trane 2 Ton XR 16.5 SEER Heat Pump, you must ask about the warranty of the air conditioner or the service beforehand. Good companies will give you longer warranty on their services & products.


8.      You should consider air duct cleaning

See if your shortlisted companies can provide air duct cleaning or not. It’s always good to get through the air duct cleaning while you are at the AC services & repair. It helps cut from the HVAC cost since you’ll have to call them again for air duct system cleaning. So, why not get it done with the air conditioner services?


9.      The HVAC company should be a member of ACCA & AHRI

The HVAC company you are shortlisting should be a member of AHRI (Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute) and ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America). If a company is a member of these two institutes or organizations, you can be assured that they provide what they promise or at least they are capable of meeting your needs.


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