Even though the need for an HVAC system is beyond any season or time of the year, Summer is actually the worst time for your HVAC system to break down. You definitely wouldn’t want to look for AC repair services while you melt down in your living room.

But what happens when your Air conditioner breaks and you need AC repair ASAP?

To save you from the hassle of AC services & repair, here are some tips that might come in handy.


Tip 1: Shut down all the air conditioning units

If you are a handy repairman around your house, it’s normal to assume you know where the problem. But more often then not, you are wrong about the origin of the problem. Considering you are not a professional who handles HVAC systems or someone who works in HVAC com panies, There is no shame being wrong about this type of things.

But predicting the origin of the problem is not the worst thing that could happen, panicking is.

When you don’t understand how the HVAC system works, it’s is common to be panicked by the malfunction. Just to ensure you or any of your family members don’t get hurt or shocked, it is best to turn off all the air conditioning units before troubleshooting for the problem. This way, even if you are wrong about the origin of the problem, you are not making things worse. So, the first handy tip is to shut down everything before things get messier than it already is.


Tip 2: Call in professionals for major AC repair situations

If you cannot figure out what the problem is or if you think the problem is too complicated for you to handle, best is if you could call in professionals who specialize in AC repair and maintenance.

These AC maintenance & repair guys will be able to track down the origin of the problem more efficiently than a DIY mechanic like yourself. So, don’t get your hands dirty with grease if the problem is out of your league. Also, don’t try to act like you can handle things to be the savior of your house and then make the situation even worse. Remember, AC Repair costs are less than the AC Replacement costs.


Tip 3: Check your air filters in the internal units

If you are using split central air conditioner units then you must check for any emergency attention required for your air filters.

Sometimes even the basic causes can cause the Split HVAC system to stop working. Maybe its just the dirty coils or maybe it's just the dust build up in your HVAC system – whatever it is, things can always be handled with regular air conditioning service or repair. This includes regular filter checking, air duct cleaning, etc. And to be honest, this air duct cleaning cost or other minor routine checkup costs are nothing compared to what you might require for a new HVAC installation in your home. So, regularly checking can save your hassle and if you missed your last checkup, then you must go and check for the stated problems in your air filters.


Tip 4: Check the Switch Breaker or Safety Switch

The air conditioning units in your home might not be the culprit why the heating and cooling isn’t working properly. Sometimes, especially in the summer, the load on your central ac unit or air conditioners in general increases drastically. As a result, sometimes the power supply is incapable of handling the load. Thus, the safety switch or switch breaker breaks, causing a power outage.

Before coming to a conclusion, make sure your system breakout is not caused by this type of switch break or safety circuit. If you don’t feel comfortable with electric equipment, wait for professionals to step in.


Tip 5: Be careful before you pull things apart

As I have explained earlier, it is natural to feel the tingling to make the AC repair yourself, especially if you are a DIY mechanic of your house. But be careful what you break apart or pull out.

If you or any unlicensed professional air conditioning repair person opens up or pull anything from your air conditioning unit, the warranty is long gone.  

Whether it is your home HVAC system or commercial HVAC system in your facility, pulling things apart like the Gas Furnaces or air filters will only wear out the warranty that came with your Trane systems or Carrier systems. So, don’t just get in there. Check your warranty papers before you dive into it. Even if your AC is out of warranty, it is best to let the companies or dealers of these air conditioning units handle the AC repair work.


Tip 6: A rundown of the air ducts or indoor vents

This is one of the major responsibilities that a ducted HVAC system owner ignore. Even though it is suggested to check for any air leaks from the air ducts or indoor vents from time to time, people hardly go the regular AC maintenance and checkup. If you are one of such people who didn’t realize the importance of regular checkup and maintenance, then the emergency AC breakout may be the only time you “must” check the indoor vents. Go through the entire house and look if you can spot any air leakage, assuming you have your power supply and the circuit breaker is still intact. If you do find the air leaking out, let the professional AC repair guys know about it.


Tip 7: Be in a comfortable situation

Lastly, stop panicking and try to make the situation as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

If you have infants, kids or elderlies in your house, check up on them and see how the AC breakout is affecting them. If you have an alternative ventilation system, like fans, turn them on. If they are still in discomfort, take them outside or keep them inside your car for air conditioning before the AC repair is done in your home.