When you are building a new home, you might think about the heating and cooling solution. Well, you have more or less two options. Either you go for a complete HVAC system package or you stick with the traditional heating and air conditioning unit. Today, I am here to talk about the differences between these two and explain to you which setup will suit you better.

See this infographic to know the difference between traditional heating and cooling unit and complete HVAC system.


HVAC System Package vs. Traditional System

Difference Between HVAC System Package & Traditional System

1.      HVAC systems are comparatively small takes minimum installation space – Traditional systems are comparatively big in size & require ample space for installation

2.      HVAC systems are more efficient – Traditional systems are not that efficient and consume more energy

3.      HVAC systems are very easy to install – Traditional systems are difficult and expensive to install

4.      HVAC systems are more suitable for households – Traditional system are best for industrial areas and factories

5.      HVAC systems have more advanced features for maximum indoor comfort – Traditional systems are more traditional when it comes to features

6.      HVAC systems can offer both heating and cooling – Individual system only provide either heating or air conditioning

As you can see, HVAC systems have more to offer than traditional systems. However, they are more suitable for small places like residential homes rather than commercial spaces like factories and industrial spaces.

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