An air conditioner is your best friend in summer, and cooling is the most significant health benefit of an air conditioner. An air conditioner does more than cooling; it provides you comfort in extreme weather and makes the situation suitable. As a result, you make yourself safe from heat-related illness. But an air conditioner has some demerits too. These affect your health the most. However, you can prevent those harmful effects of an air conditioner if you maintain your AC properly. In this article, I’ll talk about some health problems of air conditioners and how to prevent them.


Air Conditioning Health Problems

1.      Spreads Illness When Humidity is High  

If your air conditioner is larger than what is required, then the humidity of your office space or rooms will be higher. An oversized air conditioner will cool down your space in a short time and turn off immediately without removing the humidity from your office space or house. To remove the humidity and bring it down to a normal level, your air conditioner needs to run for a while.

High humidity is always suitable for bacteria and living microorganisms to grow. When you’ve a high humidity levels in your space, there is a high possibility that those bacteria will start to grow in your office or home. At the end of the day, nobody wants to become sick due to the air conditioner. Also, high humidity can cause molds and fungus in your HVAC system. As a result, the whole environment will be unhealthy if you don’t care about the humidity of your space.

Some may face sick building syndrome. Sick building syndrome is a typical office building syndrome where the air conditioner is used. In this syndrome, people start feeling that the office building is making them sick. Also, some people think that they’ve an allergy to the air conditioners. Like any other disease, this syndrome or disease can be cured if proper steps are taken.


2.      Increases Discomfort Due to Low Humidity

When you run your air conditioner for a long time, the humidity level of your home or office space drops down significantly. As a result, you’ll start to feel dry, your skin will become rough, and other skin related problems will start to show. This type of problem generally happens to those who work in the office for long hours and don’t go outside during their break. As a result, the air conditioner sucks the moisture out of your skin also. Moisture is essential for your skin. It helps your skin to stay hydrated and protects you from bacteria.


3.      Serious Health Problem Due to the Exposure to Refrigerant

Refrigerants are a chemical substance that is used in your air conditioner to provide you cooling. This chemical substance plays an important role in cooling your home or office space. This refrigerant is generally stored in a confined space or in a place where humans cannot go. But you can get exposed to refrigerant when there is a leak in your air conditioner. Also, if you try to fix the air conditioner leak by yourself or by someone else who isn’t expert in fixing this type of problem, you can get in touch with refrigerant. As a result, you may face a serious health problem because refrigerants are very toxic.

Now, I’ll talk about how to prevent these health problems due to the usage of the air conditioner.


Ways to Prevent Health Problems Due to Air Conditioner

The best way to prevent these health diseases is going for a regular HVAC maintenance checkup. This will ensure that your air conditioner is running smoothly without any problem. Also, when you go for a regular HVAC maintenance, your full system will be checked thoroughly. As a result, if there’s any leakage in the system, you’ll be able to know and fix it as soon as possible. Also, you should talk to an HVAC professional before buying an air conditioner for your office space or house. A right-sized HVAC system can save you from high humidity diseases. Finally, you should never stay in an air-conditioned room for a long time.


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Air Conditioning Health Problems by Rifat

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