Air Conditioner Electrical Damage: Signs & Causes

Sudden power outages, thunderstorms, or hurricanes can damage your AC electrical equipment. But that doesn’t mean every power outage or thunderstorm will damage your AC electrical equipment. Here are the signs and causes of Air Conditioner electrical damage that might help you protect your HVAC unit in case the outages affect your equipment.


2 Signs & 3 Causes of Air Conditioner Electrical Damage

2 Signs of AC Electrical Damage

1.       Frequent Air Conditioner Circuit Breaker Tripping

If you notice your air conditioner circuit breaker is frequently tripping, chances are your AC electrical equipment is damaged. However, you can have this frequent AC circuit breaker tripping problem due to AC overheating.

AC overheating can happen due to frequent cycling, lack of airflow, dirty air filter, etc. So, how do you know which one is the main culprit behind this problem?

For this, you’ll have to call a cooling professional and identify the core issue. If you haven’t performed regular maintenance checkups in years, there is a high probability that your AC’s internal parts are causing this problem.

However, if you have this frequent circuit breaker tripping problem with your home’s circuit breaker, it’s likely that your AC’s electrical equipment isn’t damaged. Instead, you should check your other electrical devices and fix them as soon as possible.

Pro-Tip #1

If you’re facing an AC circuit breaker tripping problem when you turn on your cooling system, it’s recommended that you keep your HVAC unit off until the issue is fixed. Because if you keep turning on your cooling system, you’ll increase the risk of fire in your house.

2.       Circuit Breaker Isn’t Turning Back

If the external circuit breakers of your house aren’t turning back, there is a high probability that the electrical damage has gone beyond your cooling system. You can have this problem due to sudden power surge or thunderstorm. Again, if there is a power outage right after you turn on your unit, you can also face this problem.

To fix this problem, you’ll have to call a certified electrician and repair or replace the damaged electrical equipment as early as possible. Because if you keep using your other electrical appliances in this unsafe condition, you can damage them too, which will add up the cost of repairing. Also, don’t forget to consider the safety concerns associated with this issue.


3 Causes of AC Electrical Damage

1.       Skipping AC Maintenance Checkups

When you don’t do regular AC maintenance checkups, dust and other micro-particles will accumulate inside the AC unit. Eventually, the airflow of your cooling system will be hindered. As a result, your cooling system will have to function longer, and because of this, it’ll overheat. When your cooling system is constantly running, it’ll start to freeze the AC evaporator coil. And when your Ac coils get frozen, your AC will require more power and cause frequent circuit breaker tripping problems. Again, when you have frozen evaporator coils, it can lead to AC water leakage problems as well. That’s why, if you haven’t performed the regular AC maintenance checkup in recent times, you should hire a cooling professional and do all the necessary repairs and replacements.

2.       Malfunctioning Fan Motor

When your AC fans are damaged, evaporator coils won’t be able to cool down quickly. As a result, your cooling system will start to consume more electricity, eventually leading to a circuit breaker tripping problem. That’s why as soon as you notice this issue within your cooling system, you should replace the AC fans.

3.       Refrigerant Leaks

Yes, you can have electrical damage when you have a leak in the refrigerant. When your AC refrigerant gets lower, your cooling system will have to function longer. This will put immense pressure on your cooling unit and require more power. Eventually, you’ll have frequent AC circuit breaker problems.

To solve this problem, you’ll need a certified HVAC professional.

Pro-Tip #2

If you’re using your cooling system as a primary unit, you must do two maintenance checkups annually.



AC electrical damages sometimes can be a bit costly. That’s why you should focus more on how to prevent AC electrical damage rather than repairing it.


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Air Conditioner Electrical Damage Signs & Causes