Your HVAC system works very hard to process, filter, and condition the air circulating through your home every day. Without regular maintenance, it’s normal for your HVAC system to fall in efficiency, or become very dirty. Therefore, cleaning and maintaining your HVAC system is a vital part of keeping your living space healthy. And so, today, let’s look at some of the common culprits that invade your HVAC system to spread airborne illnesses.


The Common Culprits That Cause Airborne Illnesses in Your HVAC System

There are several reasons why your HVAC system will circulate low quality air around your home. If you can avoid these offenders, you can ensure that your HVAC system can avoid some of the more common problems. To give an idea of the issues you can avoid, here are some of the common problems HVAC systems face:

·         Poor odors or smelly air

·         Leaking water from condensers and evaporators

·         Stuffy, uncomfortable air

·         High humidity

·         Dusty air vents

·         Inefficient operation

With thorough and regular AC repair and maintenance, you can avoid all of these problems and ensure that your central ac unit is working properly throughout the year.

See the infographic on this here – 6 HVAC Problems Caused by Airborne Bodies [Infographic]

6 HVAC Problems Caused by Airborne Bodies

Bacteria and Other Microorganisms

Once bacterial contaminants enter your HVAC system, they reproduce and spread throughout your home very quickly. If your home or workplace shares a central heating and cooling system and the flu gets in, it compromises the entire living space and almost everyone living there will eventually get sick.

You can prevent this rapid spread with regular HVAC maintenance and cleaning. These are the ways you can prevent bacteria and viruses from spreading around your home or working space:

·         Change air filters regularly and use the ones recommended by your HVAC maintenance specialists.

·         Clean your condenser and evaporator coils regularly to prevent mold and mildew growth.

·         Maintain, repair, and clean your air ducts regularly to remove harmful contamination and mold growth from your HVAC system. Clean ductwork is essential if you want to keep your HVAC system thriving and clean.

·         If you want to prevent COVID-19 from spreading through your HVAC system, you can deploy advanced air filtrating and purification features such as ultraviolet filtration and ionization.


Mold and Mildew Growth

Due to the cold and damp environment surrounding most parts of your HVAC system, it’s common to find mold growths now and then. In addition to this, the humidity around different components of your HVAC system can also lead to mold and mildew growth. Therefore, if your air conditioning system has trouble removing moisture from the air, and instead humidity in your air ducts stays high, you will start to notice mold and mildew growth. This makes it unpleasant to breathe and will often trigger an allergic reaction in many people. In severe cases, asthma patients, namely children, suffer from breathing problems along with wheezing. The best way to avoid ending up with a mold problem is to ensure your HVAC system is performing properly and can effectively remove humidity from the air. Additionally, you should pay close attention to regular air duct cleaning and maintenance.


Dust Mites

Dust mites feed off the dust in your home – be it on furniture or your central ac units. They serve as another reason your heating and cooling system needs regular maintenance and cleaning. Dust mites run rampant in humid environments. Therefore, if your HVAC system is not clean, dust mites will quickly overrun your home and degrade air quality.


Pet Fur and Dander

If you own a pet, you’ll have dander all over the place quite often. Therefore, make sure you clean your air filters regularly so that you do not end up with dander clogging the air filters and forcing your HVAC system to operate inefficiently. And so, if you’re a pet owner, you’ll need to change your HVAC filters more often and clean out your air ducts regularly.



If you manage to tackle all these common issues which plague your HVAC system, you should be able to enjoy clean and healthy air in your home throughout the year. In most cases, dealing with these annoyances early on prevents you and your family from suffering through a plethora of physical symptoms. These include nasal congestion, breathing issues, eye irritation, skin problems, coughing, and wheezing. Therefore, to protect you and your family, ensure your home’s HVAC system undergoes regular AC maintenance & repair.


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