Heat pumps are one of the most commonly used heating and cooling system in North America as it can do both heating and cooling. Unlike a gas furnace or an air conditioner which can only one between heating and air conditioning, these heat pumps are capable of reversing the cycle and this is how they do both heating and cooling. Also, the reverse cycle makes the HVAC system that much complicated. So, the AC repair situation and maintenance of the heat pumps become a head scratch. But fret not, I’m here to help you with the maintenance and repair situation for the heat pumps.


Heat Pump Maintenance & Repair

This will help you in your Heat Pump Maintenance & Repair situations

1.       Change the filter every month or at least once in three months

The most important thing regarding the maintenance of a heat pump is regularly changing the filter.

If you don’t change the filter, the dangers are real. First of all, a dirty air filter in your HVAC system means you have an inefficient HVAC system. Remember, a dirty HVAC filter is a dirty HVAC system. And since the HVAC system, the heat pump here, is not running at its full efficiency, it will consume more energy and require more time to heat or cool down the same room.

Now, it was only the financial losses you are going to face. Similar to when you forget to go through with your air duct cleaning, an uncleaned filter can also pose threats to you and your family. The germs and harmful microorganisms spread through the heat pump when the filter itself is producing diseases. So, don’t forget to change the air filters on a regular basis. As for the frequency of changing it, HVAC professionals suggest you should change it every month if you are using it continuously. If not, you could stretch it at most 3 months and no more than that. So, go ahead and put it on your calendar.


2.       Dust off the fan

Besides the air filter, having a dirty and dusty fan can also pose the same health hazards. You don’t want the kids and adults get serious lungs infection just because you forgot to clean them. Make sure you are always on top of the dust, make sure you never go a month or two without dusting off the fan. If you think this is too much for you, you could just call HVAC guys to help you with that.


3.       Clean the coil

Along with the fan, you also need to clean the coil. Granted that a dirty coil is not a threat to your health but to your HVAC system, it is a hazard.

Your HVAC system loses its efficiency, it consumes more energy, it affects other parts – the list of consequences goes on and on. So, never forget to clean the coil through professionals. If the coil is too gross to be cleaned, it is best if you just buy a new one.


4.       A routine checkup from HVAC professionals every year

To ensure your HVAC is not wearing out faster than it was supposed to, you need to have HVAC professionals take a closer look at it. That’s why routine checkup is a must, especially if you can troubleshoot the recurring problems.  


5.       Use the right refrigerant

Not using the right refrigerant can cause a number of problems to your heat pump. First of all, it will not work at its full efficiency. Secondly, if the refrigerant is not compatible with your heat pump, it might create unusual noise which can be annoying at times. So, always use the right refrigerant when you are refilling it.


6.       Find the location or source of the problem before calling for AC repair

This is a very important part. So, whenever you face a problem with your heat pump and want to call AC repair guys at home, make sure you know the source of your problem. This way, you might be able to fix the problem by yourself or at least tell the AC repair HVAC professionals so that they can come to your house prepared and properly address the situation.

Few other things –

7.       Try resetting the motor when it's not working

8.       Make sure the circuit breaker is not cut off or the fuse is not blown when the heat pump stops

9.       Change the squeaky grinding noise making motor because it is worn out


Bottom Line

If you want your heat pump to work at full efficiency, there is no other way but to take good care of it and handle the AC repair and maintenance situations effectively. If you don’t know how, call HVAC professionals for help. Green Leaf Air will be there.


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