Carbon monoxide poisoning has been a hot topic of HVAC system safety for years, for the right reasons of course. The carbon poisoning is so deadly that HVAC companies cannot but addressing this issue and work their way around it. But only their concern won’t be enough to fight this deadly poisoning that can be major concern in your home. You also need to know how to counter the problem.

Let’s start with what carbon monoxide poisoning is. Hopefully, with this brief Carbon Monoxide guide, you will have a better understanding of this imminent danger and be prepared to tackle it.


A Brief Guide On Carbon Monoxide Poisoning by Rifat

What is Carbon Monoxide poisoning?

Carbon Monoxide or CO is an odorless and colorless gas. That means, there is no way you can detect it. At least not from the smell or just looking at it. This gas hampers the ability of your blood to carry oxygen. Since it cannot be easily detected and deadly to humans, Carbon Monoxide is called a silent killer.

The inability of carrying oxygen through blood is referred to as asphyxiation and this condition is known as Carbon Monoxide poisoning.


Signs & Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning –

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is deadly and you can hardly detect it. But if you pay close attention to the symptoms and signs, you can treat it before the situation get worse. The signs and symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning includes –

1.       Headache

2.       Nausea

3.       Dizziness

4.       Impaired judgment

5.       Visual changes

6.       Problem with walking


What causes Carbon Monoxide leak in your home?

Now that you know the symptoms of carbon poisoning and how they affect your health, it is time you identified the source of the CO leaks and took necessary actions to stop the carbon monoxide exertion.

Here are the possible causes of Carbon Monoxide leaks in your home –

1.       Heating and cooling systems

2.       Gas furnaces

3.       Heat pumps

4.       Boilers

5.       Car engines


Treatments for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Since the carbon monoxide poisoning causes inability to carry oxygen through blood, the first step towards treatment is to replace the carbon monoxide with oxygen.

But the treatment should not and cannot be done in your home. You need to contact the hospital for proper treatment if you notice the symptoms in your family.


How to prevent Carbon Monoxide poisoning –

Here are some tips on how to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning –

1.       Ensure your HVAC Air Vents provide proper airflow

2.       Check your chimney regularly for efficiency and safety

3.       Install CO (Carbon Monoxide) alarm and detectors

4.       Replace the batteries every six months

5.       Schedule annual or regular maintenance

6.       Never ever run your vehicle inside your home or garage

7.       Be careful when you use Fuel-Burning Space Heaters

8.       Don’t use Gas Oven to heat your home


See the summary here on this infographic – A Brief Guide On Carbon Monoxide Poisoning [Infographic]

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