Homeowners are often frustrated about the water leakage problem in their air conditioners. In this article, I’ll tell you about the 5 reasons behind AC water leakage problem and ways to repair it.


5 Reasons behind AC Water Leakage 

1.    Your Evaporator Coil is Frozen

The frozen evaporator coil is one of the main reasons behind air conditioner water leakage. Frozen evaporator coil can be caused by a number of reasons like – dirty air filter, low refrigerant level, broken blower motor, a dirty coil, etc. But among these, low refrigerant level is the most common. 

Your air conditioner refrigerant absorbs the heat from your room and releases the heat to the outside unit. That’s how you get your desired cooling from your air conditioner. But when your refrigerant level gets low, your air conditioner won’t be able to absorb heat, and you won’t get any cooling from your air conditioner. 

As refrigerant flows throw the evaporator coil, lack of refrigerant level freezes the evaporator coil, and you’ll notice water dripping. If your air conditioner has a frozen evaporator coil, turn off the system and call an HVAC professional in your house. He or she will check the refrigerant level in your air conditioner and refill it.

There’re a number of HVAC professionals in Dallas who are professional and experienced in dealing with HVAC systems. If you need any help, you can trust these HVAC professionals in Dallas blindly.

2.    Drain Line is Clogged 

If your drain line is clogged, you might be looking at a water leakage. This is a common problem in Dallas that drain line gets clogged with algae, fungus, and debris. But you can avoid this problem regularly cleaning your drain line. However, if you have a clogged drain line, you can fix it by yourself. The process is very simple and easy DIY work. Follow these steps to clean your drain line-

  • Firstly, find the PVC pipe under the air handler and unscrew the cap of it. 
  • Secondly, pour six ounces of vinegar through the pipe. By doing this, you can get rid of the algae and fungi that’s been clogging up your drain line.
  • Finally, go to the outdoor condenser drain line and connect it with the wet-dry attachment and turn on the vacuum.

These are the three DIY easy steps to clean your clogged drain line. However, if your drain line is still clogged, you should call an HVAC professional.

3.    Dirty Air Filter 

Dirty air filter blocks the airflow in your air conditioner. As a result, your evaporator coil gets cold and starts freezing. After a certain time, ice starts to melt, and water starts dripping from your air conditioner.

To solve this problem, you’ll have to change your air filter regularly. It’s recommended that you should change your air filter every 3 to 4 months. However, this duration depends on your usage and pollution level in your area. 

As the air quality in Dallas is poor compared to other cities in the US, you should change your air filter every 60 days. Again, if you use your air conditioner regularly, you may have to change your air filter more frequently. If you’re still confused about how frequently you should change the filter, you can contact an HVAC professional. He or she will suggest the ideal time to change an HVAC air filter.

4.    Cracked Drain Pan 

Overflowing or cracked drain pan can cause air conditioner water leakage problems. You’ll find the drain pan underneath the indoor air handler. To clean the cracked drain pan, you’ll have to use a wet dry-vac. While cleaning the cracked drain pan, inspect the corners and edges of the drain pan with a flashlight. The best way to repair the cracked drain pan is by replacing the damaged drain pan with a new one. However, you can use a water sealant if you want to repair the cracked drain pan temporarily. 

5.    Air Leakage  

If your house isn’t properly insulated, warm air from outside will enter your home. As a result, moisture will get condensed with the cold air inside the air conditioner, and you’ll start noticing water leakage in your air conditioner. 

To solve this problem, you’ll have to make sure that your home is properly insulated. Also, while using the air conditioner, make sure that all the windows and doors are properly closed.


See the summary of this content in this infographic – 5 Reasons Behind AC Water Leakage [Infographic]

5 Reasons Behind AC Water Leakage

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