Air balancing is crucial for overall indoor comfort. Besides, it increases the efficiency of your home HVAC system as well as ensures proper air circulation. That’s why air balancing isn’t taken lightly by homeowners who understand its importance.

To help you with air balancing your heating and cooling system, here are 5 Do-It-Yourself tips that’ll make things easier for the long run.

But before I get started with the DIY tips, here is a brief reminder on what air balancing actually is –

What is air balancing?

Air balancing is basically the process of modifying or upgrading an existing HVAC system to ensure even distribution of air in all zones. It makes sure heat transfer in all zones is appropriate or correct.

Now, let’s get into the DIY air balancing tips –

5 DIY Tips On Air Balancing by Rifat

Tip 1 – Clean the air filter frequently

Since the aim of air balancing is to make the heating and air conditioning system more efficient, it is no brainer that you have to keep the air filter clean.

A clean air filter ensures proper air distribution, enhanced performance and low energy consumption, thus, an efficient HVAC system.

Tip 2 – To prevent heat, Install window coverings

If your window is not covered with drapes or curtains, the room will heat up faster than the thermostat to act or add relief to your indoor situation. Besides, in winter, these window coverings will ensure significant energy savings. That’s why installing window covering can be a good & easy way to make the heating and cooling system in your home more efficient.

Tip 3 – Remove the electronic equipment around the thermostat

Do you know how the thermostat works? Well, the short version is – it measures the temperature of the place where it is installed. Depending on that data and your preferred temperature, the thermostat will command the heating system (e.g. Heat Pump, Gas Furnace, Boiler, etc.) or the air conditioner to heat or air condition.

But if the thermostat is placed somewhere with lots of electronic equipment around, it will not take the right reading. As you know, almost all electronic equipment produces heat when operating. So when you place your thermostat beside a TV or a microwave oven, it registers the temperature in addition to the emitted heat from that equipment. Meaning, it will think the room is much warmer than it actually is. As a result, the air conditioning will be longer for those areas. This is a waste and should be taken by the homeowners. Just put the thermostat in an empty or isolated place where the thermostat can take the genuine reading of the room.

Tip 4 – Make sure the airflow isn’t restricted

Whether it is the airflow from your central AC unit or from the heating system, it should not be restricted. Allow the air to pass from the HVAC components frequently. When the airflow is stable in your home, every bit of the HVAC system contribution is used. Thus, the system becomes more efficient.

Tip 5 – Keep the thermostat setting for fan “ON”

Even though turning the fan setting may lead to a surge in your energy bills, the stable and continuous exchange of the indoor air is worth it. Basically, by turning the setting “ON”, you are allowing the fan to blow, filter and replace the indoor air continuously.

See the summary on this Infographic – 5 DIY Tips On Air Balancing [Infographic]

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