Unlike traditional heating and cooling systems, VRF system doesn’t require large space to be installed. Besides, it has multiple air handlers, which can be controlled separately. Also, the main feature of this system is that it can control the refrigerant flow. 

Due to these advanced features, commercial buildings and office spaces have started using this VRF system, especially in urban areas. Again, as this VRF system requires minimum space for installation, it’s the perfect fit for office spaces. So, if you’re thinking about replacing your existing office heating and cooling unit this summer, consider buying a VRF system.


5 Advantages of VRF System in Commercial & Office Spaces

1.   Reduces Utility Cost

Old-traditional HVAC systems don’t have speed variation; either it’s turned on or turned off. But VRF system offers this unique feature and supplies a precise amount of refrigerant to each room’s air handler. As a result, VRF system can run at minimum frequency and capacity.

Again, this VRF system has a unique feature, which allows the system to capture heat from one room and transfer it to where heating is required. As a result, the offices' overall energy consumption gets reduced without compromising the employees’ comfort.

2.   Maximum Comfort

Hot and cold spots affect the overall comfort of a space. But with VRF system, you can fix this problem easily.

The compressor of the VRF system has a unique feature that can determine each room’s refrigerant requirement and send refrigerant accordingly to each air handler. As a result, hotter areas such as computer rooms get more cooling, and comparatively colder areas such as south-faced rooms get minimum cooling.

Again, in most office spaces, high humidity is a big problem. When there is high humidity in an office, it can reduce the productivity of an employee. Again, high humid conditions allow molds and bacteria to grow in commercial spaces, which will make all the employees sick. However, with VRF system, you won’t have to worry about the humidity level at all. It’ll control the humidity of your space automatically and create an optimum condition for all the employees.

3.   No Loud Noise

Commercial and office spaces are meant to be quiet and productive. But with traditional air conditioning and heating systems, sometimes it becomes impossible and makes the office space uncomfortable. However, if you want a quiet and noise-free work environment in your office, the VRF system can be the right HVAC type for you.

Its outside condenser unit is located outside of the commercial building or in the mechanical room. Besides, its mini air handlers play a crucial role in keeping your space free from noise.

Trust me, you can take your office’s productivity to the next level just by installing a quieter VRF system.

4.   Smart Controls & Technology

If you have a commercial establishment, you must know how hard it’s to control the temperature of the space all the time. Sometimes, commercial space owners have to spend a large chunk of their money on building management software. But with a VRF system, you won’t have to worry about controlling the temperature all the time.

You can simply use your smartphone and control the temperature of your commercial area. Besides, its smart controls detect each zone required refrigerant and supply accordingly. Moreover, it sends a signal whenever maintenance is required. It’s safe to say that the VRF system is the perfect solution for temperature control and commercial space management.

5.   Easy Installation

When you use a regular HVAC system, you’ll have to install the ductworks, drill holes in the walls, and of course, it requires a lot of space. But commercial and office spaces are very expensive. If you use most of the spaces for HVAC purposes, it won’t be financially viable for your company or business.

Unlike regular HVAC systems, VRF systems don’t require a lot of space. You won’t need large maintenance rooms, pipes, distribution fans, etc. You’ll only have to install air handlers and small ducts in your office, and it takes minimum compared to other types of air conditioners or heating systems. Besides, it eliminates the need for additional space for HVAC installation.


See the summary of this article here in this infographic – 5 Advantages of VRF Systems in Offices [Infographic]

5 Advantages of VRF Systems in Offices

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