As we use a furnace or heat pump all the time during the winter, moisture level remains the same, but the humidity level drops drastically. As a result, many people have dry skin or scratchy throat problems in winter. Besides, viruses and bacteria grow exponentially in the low humid condition. As COVID-19 is spreading more than ever, you’ll have to be very careful about the humidity level of your home.

A humidifier can be a great solution for all these problems. In this article, I’ll tell you about the benefits of a humidifier in winter.


Top 4 Surprising Benefits of a Humidifier in Winter

1.   Fights against Airborne Viruses

Viruses and bacteria spread faster in the winter, and one of the main reasons behind this is the low humidity level. When the humidity level drops below 40%, airborne viruses can spread faster. But when there is high humidity, moisture mixes with the virus droplets and makes them heavier. As a result, virus droplets cannot float in the air and drops on the surface. Thus, the high moisture level stops the spreading of airborne viruses.

As you’ll be using a heat pump or furnace all the time in winter, you should use a humidifier to keep the humidity level of your home at a higher level. Again, as COVID-19 is an airborne virus, a humidifier can fight against the COVID-19 as well.

2.   No More Dry Skin or Throat Problem

We all know that more than half of the human body is filled with water. When there is low humidity, the water level drops from our body and makes the skin dry. But this problem can be solved easily by investing in a good humidifier.

The ideal humidity level of space is between 45% to 65%. When the humidity level stays between this limit, your skin will be in good condition, and you won’t have a dry skin problem. Again, if the humidity level goes above 70%, you’ll start to feel sweaty and uncomfortable. That’s why it’s recommended that you set the humidity level of your humidifier between 50% to 60%. By doing this, you’ll have maximum comfort and won’t have any dry skin problems.

3.   Saves Money on Heating Bills

A number of studies showed that high humid air feels warmer than low humid air. When there is a high humidity level, sweat starts to evaporate slowly and as a result, people start to feel a bit warm.

That’s why if you’re planning to save money on heating bills, a good humidifier can be a great solution for it. With a humidifier, you can lower the thermostat setting of your heat pump or furnace. When the thermostat setting of your thermostat is set to a lower temperature, your furnace won’t have to run longer to reach your desired temperature. Besides, there will be less stress and strain on your heat pump or furnace. Thus, you’ll be able to save money on heating bills. Besides, it’ll keep your HVAC system away from heavy furnace or heat pump repairs.

4.   Protects Your Wooden Furniture

If you have a wooden floor in your home or wooden furniture, you might have noticed cracks in them during winter. One of the main reasons behind this is the low humidity level. When there is a low humidity level, moisture starts to evaporate from your wooden furniture or floor and makes them drier. Eventually, your wooden floor or furniture starts to crack.

If you want to protect your wooden furniture and floor from cracks, you should invest in a good humidifier as soon as possible.


Can You Use a Humidifier All-Year-Round?

Many of the homeowners think that the humidifier is only beneficial in winter. But this isn’t true at all. You can use a humidifier all-year-round without facing any problem. When you use a humidifier all year-round, your home humidity level will stay in one position. As a result, your comfort will be maximized, and you won’t have dry skin or throat problems.

However, while using a humidifier, make sure that you don’t set the humidity level to more than 80%. If you do so, your house environment will become uncomfortable and the purpose of buying a humidifier will go in vain. You should always set your humidity level to between 50% to 65%.


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4 Benefits of a Humidifier in Winter

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