Heating is the first and perhaps the most crucial part of your home HVAC system. To make the heating part most efficient, we install the best Heat Pump, Gas Furnace or Boiler in our home. But alongside these HVAC components, there are other arrangements that can help your overall comfort and boost the heating solution. Here are 4 amazing heating enhancement tips for your home. By making these adjustments and additions, you can maximize the heating comfort in your home –

4 Home Heating Enhancement Tips by Rifat

1.Use Air cleaners to improve overall air quality

In outdoor air or even in your home, there are literally hundreds of particulates, elements and contaminants mixed with the air. That’s why we call air, “The Mixed Element” of nature. While some of those particulates and elements are useful for us to live, most of the contaminates are a silent killer that must be eradicated in order to breath healthy air. And this can be done by using Air Cleaners.

Air cleaners remove the harmful and malicious contaminants from the air. These contaminants include dust, unpleasant chemical odors, smoke, etc. By removing them from our indoor air, these air cleaners play a vital role in keeping us safe from hundreds of respiratory diseases as well as allergies.

These air cleaners can be found in the HVAC market and sold separately. However, some HVAC companies are offering air cleaners with their heating and cooling system.


2.Use UV lighting setup to mitigate harmful bacteria

If you are using a ducted system in your home, you must have come across molds in duct. There’s just no getting rid of them. But what if I tell you there’s a way you can eliminate molds from the duct and you won’t have to spend on air duct cleaning as much as you are doing right now?

Well, I am talking about UV lights.

Using Ultraviolet lighting, you can easily eliminate molds from the air and your HVAC system. Besides mold, these UV lights will take care of the harmful bacteria, and stubborn microorganisms that reside in your heating and air conditioning system.

Basically, it’s work is to help with air cleaning like the air cleaners. While air cleaners take care of the dust and other chemical particles, this UV lighting setup mitigates the loving microorganisms for you. So, these 2 are basically a complete pair to keep the indoor air healthy and fresh.


3.Zone your system for maximum efficiency & smart control

I have talked about zoning a million times.

Zoning is basically the process of separating the home area into several small areas so that you can control, monitor and alter the setting for one zone or area without tempering with the other parts of your home. So, you can understand why I am a big fan of zoning.

By zoning your heating, cooling and ventilation system, you not only make controlling the units easy and convenient but also save your HVAC cost by cutting down energy bills & spending less on Furnace/AC repair and maintenance. Zoning is basically a jackpot for home owners.


4.Use Humidifier to add moisture to the air

Till now, I have talked about how these enhancements can help safekeep your family member and how AC maintenance & repair costs or overall HVAC costs can be cut down while maximizing heating. Now, allow me to talk about your comfort in the living conditions.

As you know already, in winter, the level of humidity is decreased exponentially. That’s why you suffer from skin irritations and occasional breathing complication. But by using a humidifier to add moisture in the air, you can make the living condition in your home more comfortable. After all, you wouldn’t want dry skin to come between your busy schedule.

See the summary in this infographic – 4 Home Heating Enhancement Tips [Infographic]

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