Due to low humidity, you & your family can face skin related problems, itchiness, cough problems, etc. But you can solve these problems with a humidifier. However, while using a humidifier, homeowners make several mistakes that reduce the effectiveness of a humidification system. In this article, I'll talk about a few mistakes that homeowners make with their home humidification system.


4 Biggest Mistakes Homeowners Make with Their Humidification System

1. Buying a Small-Sized Humidifier

If you have any interest in HVAC systems, you must have heard that the bigger HVAC isn't good for your home or office space. It consumes more electricity and compromises performance. But it's the opposite for a humidification system.

But unfortunately, while buying a new humidifier, homeowners mismatch humidifiers with HVAC systems and buy a small-sized humidifier. As a result, their humidity problem remains unsolved.

While buying a humidifier, you'll have to consider a few factors such as your property's size, type of your HVAC system or heating system, design of your house, insulation, etc. Apart from these, you'll have to consider the materials of your house as well. Again, don't forget to consider the additional heating systems. Because when you have an additional heating system like a fireplace, it'll make the air drier. As a result, you'll need a more efficient humidification system.

If you're confused about which humidifier to buy, buy the bigger one. Because humidifiers usually don't consume much electricity compared to an HVAC system. Besides, when you buy an oversized humidification system, it won't affect your HVAC system's overall performance. Again, if you're planning to renovate your house or add extra rooms to your house, a slightly oversized humidification system will be handy for you.

2. Not Buying the Right Type of Humidification System

There are different types of humidifiers available on the market, such as mist or stream humidifier, flow-through humidifier, etc. However, different types of humidifiers work under different types of conditions. 

While choosing the right type of humidification system, you'll have to consider few factors—for example, the hardness of your water, type of heating system, etc.

If you have a heat pump that offers both heating and cooling, you must choose a humidifier that can work at a lower temperature. On the other hand, if you have hard water, you should avoid buying a spray humidification system. Because hard water can easily clog a spray humidifier, and when it does, you'll need repair. If you cannot figure out the right type of humidification system by yourself, contact your nearby HVAC professional. An HVAC professional will easily be able to tell you which type of humidifier will be the best for your home.

3. Ignoring Humidification System Maintenance

Unlike HVAC systems, humidification system doesn’t need frequent repairs. But you should do at least one humidification system maintenance checkup annually. This will allow your humidifier to perform efficiently throughout the year. Otherwise, your humidifier can spread molds and other contaminants in your home.

Again, while installing the humidifier, ask your installer about some basic things, such as the location of the water shut off switch. This will allow you to fix small humidifier problems quickly. 

The best way to maintain your humidifier is by signing an HVAC maintenance contract with your nearby HVAC company. This contract will include both your HVAC and humidifier maintenance.

4. Improper Humidifier Installation

If you want your humidifier to run properly, correct installation is a must. But unfortunately, sometimes homeowners fail to install it properly, and as a result, they don't get their desired result.

While installing the humidifier, don't wire it with your furnace or heat pump. When you do, your humidifier will only run when the furnace or heat pump is turned on. But a humidifier must run according to the demand of your space.

During winter, humidity can drop drastically, especially when you live in a snowy area. That's why don't wire your humidifier with your heating system. 

Again, many homeowners don't integrate their humidifier with their smart home system even after having one. But with a home system, you can easily control your humidifier. Besides, when you integrate your humidifier with your smart home system, it'll make adjustments more accurately. As a result, your whole HVAC system will become more efficient.


See the summary here in an infographic – 4 Biggest Humidification System Mistakes [Infographic]

4 Biggest Humidification System Mistakes

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