The space design & interior in modern offices has changed a lot in the last few years. Previously, office spaces were confined in a certain parameter and had ring-shaped rooms or cubicles. But today's companies want more open space for their office. They want to use the sunlight more and save energy. Besides, you'll see additional areas such as team lounges, pods, etc., in the modern office buildings, which were unimaginable a few years back.

All these design changes have impacted the HVAC design strategies too. If you want to build office space for your company, you'll have to rethink the whole process and design your HVAC system accordingly.

This article will highlight a few effective HVAC design strategies that you can implement in your modern office space. However, these HVAC designs should be implemented in the early stage.


3 Most Effective HVAC Design Strategies for Modern Office Spaces

1. Choose a Right-Sized HVAC System

This is the first thing you'll have to do while choosing an HVAC design strategy for your office space. While selecting the HVAC size, you'll have to consider few things such as the area of your office space, sunlight availability, number of employees, space activity pattern, light conditions, etc. For this, you can run computer simulation programs to see the actual procedure.

Usually, people thinks that bigger HVAC systems are always better. But when you buy an oversized heating and cooling system, it'll create an uncomfortable work environment. Again, if you buy a small air conditioner, it won't be able to produce enough cold air for your office space. Besides, it'll lead to high heating and cooling bills and hefty repair fees.

That's why choosing the right HVAC size is important in your HVAC design strategy. If you're not an expert in the HVAC system, you can hire an HVAC company to measure your office area and other parameters and buy the right-sized heating and cooling system.

2. Use More Sunlight & Ensure Proper Insulation

To lower your monthly heating and cooling bills, you can take few steps. For example, you can insulate your office space properly. If your office space isn't properly insulated, produced air will leak through the walls and windows of your office building. 

Besides, this will lead your HVAC system to run longer. Eventually, your monthly heating and cooling costs will go higher.

Apart from insulating, you can add more daylight to your office HVAC design. When there is sufficient daylight in the office space, your employees will feel motivated and have good health. Besides, as heating systems consume the most amount of energy in winter, adding daylight to your HVAC design can reduce the load from your heat pump or other heating systems. As a result, your monthly energy consumption will get lower.

However, while adding daylight to your HVAC design, you'll have to be very careful about the solar gain. Because when you have solar gain in your office, it'll increase the energy consumption in summer. To avoid solar gain, you can use tinted glasses on your windows.

3. Include Sensors in Your HVAC Design

Sensor technology has brought a revolution in the HVAC design, especially for the office space. There are a number of useful sensors, which you can include in your HVAC design and increase overall efficiency.

For example, you can add the light sensor to your HVAC design. Light sensors calculate the amount of light present in the building and adjust lightings accordingly. When there is sufficient daylight in the office space, light sensors will detect it and turn off the lights. 

There are two major benefits of this light sensor. Firstly, it will allow you to save energy. And secondly, you won't have to turn on your office lights manually all the time.

Apart from the light sensor, you can integrate the occupancy sensor into your HVAC design. This sensor detects the presence of humans in a room and sends signals to the HVAC system to produce heating and cooling accordingly.



While choosing the right HVAC strategy, you'll have to consider the ventilation, air supply, and zones as well. To get the perfect HVAC design for your office building, you can contact your local HVAC professional.


See the summary of this content here in an infographic – 3 Most Effective Modern Office HVAC Design Strategies [Infographic]

3 Most Effective Modern Office HVAC Design Strategies

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