2 Ton XR14 Condenser 4TTR4024L1000B
2 Ton XR14 Condenser 4TTR4024L1000B

2 Ton XR14 Condenser 4TTR4024L1000B

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Trane 2 Ton XR14 Condenser 4TTR4024L1000B

The process of deeming a system worthy of the Trane badge is not something to scoff at. Each individual component and panel is tested to its limits to determine whether or not it will satisfy all the goals of the final system will be hoping to achieve. And that is high efficiency and near-perfect performance. For a Trane Condenser like the 2 Ton XR14 condenser, this job is very important, and once done well, the homeowner is rewarded with a very comfortable and cool home to live in through the warm summer days.

The condenser achieves high efficiency by doing a lot of little things very well. At the heart of the condenser lies the Climatuff® Variable Speed Compressor, which has Trane’s TruComfort™ technology backing it up. This is how the condenser is able to remain operational for extended periods of time without ever using too much electricity so as to drive up your energy bills. Moreover, the condenser comes with an exclusive all-aluminum Spine Fin™ Woven Coil which greatly enhances the condenser’s ability to transfer heat and improves airflow while preventing corrosion and leaks. This is very important because, when there are leaks, there will be condensate pooling. When that happens, you will slowly end up with molds growing within and outside your condenser. The mold will eventually work your way into the ducts and you will have a significant problem in your hands.

When faced with molds in duct, you will have to consider hiring an expert air conditioning service for mold removal. However, it is always better to prevent a problem than to redeem it once it happens. Therefore, once you factor in air duct cleaning cost and air conditioning repairs, it would be wiser to pay more attention to your central air conditioner and try to notice the small things that might be wrong with. After all, molds are quite easily identifiable.