Trane XR14 Series 56,000 BUTH Air Conditioner - 4TTR4060L1000A

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In order to meet all the cooling requirements of your home, look no further than the Trane XR14 56,000 BTUH. This high capacity condenser has been designed with durability and efficiency as the primary objectives. Along with the rest of the modules in the system, the condenser is able to achieve a high 14 SEER rating. Therefore, with this matched system you should be saving a lot on your electricity bills while enjoying cool, fresh and healthy air.

All the material that goes into making the air conditioner has been tested to their limits. This is done so that Trane can achieve their goals of customer satisfaction and so that you are perfectly content with your system and its robustness.

After the long-term operation, you might notice a degradation in the efficiency of the system. This is primarily due to all the dirt, pollen and dust the condenser has to bring into your system and actively help filter out. Therefore, once your filters are clogged up, you air ducts will start accumulating dirt and eventually, due to the damp and dark environment provided by the HVAC system’s air ducts, you will end up with molds in duct.

Hiring professional services is of utmost importance when you are dealing with molds in duct and must be cleaned as soon as possible in order to avoid contaminating the air in your home further and allowing members of your family to get sick. Therefore, after considering air duct cleaning costs, consider hiring air conditioning repair to come to your home and perform air duct cleaning in addition to mold removal to restore your system to its former glory, as well as the condenser