Trane 80% Gas Furnace TUE1B080A9481A

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This particular gas furnace from Trane is a winner on many fronts in the heating game and is, therefore, a perfect member of your home’s HVAC system. In addition to a multi-speed motor, the gas furnace is rated at 80,000 BTUH and is AHRI certified. This means that you can rest easy knowing that Trane has secured top marks from the top-dogs in the HVAC industry.

The gas furnace is just as reliable as it is efficient. All 17.5” of the cabinet’s materials have been rigorously tested and ascertained whether or not it aligns with Trane’s goals for perfection. Moreover, it has easily removable panels which will allow HVAC service companies to easily get in and clean the unit out or fix any potential problems.

Just like the condensing unit, your gas furnace also serves a good place for dust and pollen to start collecting and eventually working into your air ducts. Eventually, without regular cleaning, you will have.

to employ services for air duct cleaning and mold removal from your air ducts, if you do end up with molds in duct. After all, the health hazards and allergic reactions associated with mold-ridden air and dust-ridden air are more than just trivial nuances but rather, larger problems than they seem. Finally, if your problems get out of hand and you notice inefficiencies in your system even after a cleaning session, you might have to employ air duct replacement services to come and revitalize the supporting network of air ducts of your HVAC system.