Trane 4 Ton 16.25 SEER Heat Pump with Variable Speed Air Handler

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Trane TEM6 Variable Speed Air Handler

Whenever the Trane brand is attached to an HVAC component, you can rest assured knowing that the module has been designed for near perfect operation and high efficiency. First off, with this air handler, you get an all-aluminum coil, which is far more durable than traditional copper coils. This allows for prolonged operation and longer system life. Moreover, due to the increased durability of the subsystem, there is less of a chance that you will leak refrigerant into the atmosphere

trane 16 seer heat pump

4 Ton Trane Heat Pump XR16

Both the indoor and outdoor units of the heat pump are made with premium materials, which are rust and corrosion resistant. Other notable features include the all-aluminum Spine Fin™ woven coil which makes the air flow rate in your home much better and greatly enhances heat transfer capabilities. Moreover, the coils are corrosion and leak resistant, proving themselves more reliable than traditional coils.

HVAC system requires regular maintenance and upkeep so that they do not gradually decrease in efficiency. This makes it important to have a system that is easy to clean and maintain. To fulfill these goals, we have put together a solid HVAC system that performs well under load, is able to meet all your heating and cooling needs, and is easy to keep clean. Let us jump right into the details of what we have in store for you.

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