Trane 3 Ton 16.5 SEER Heat Pump with Variable Speed Air Handler

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trane heat pump

Trane Heat Pump 16 SEER

This heat pump has all the right tools to ensure that air circulation through your home is as efficient as possible and you do not have to pay extra bills for your HVAC system. With the help of an exclusive all-aluminum Spine Fin™ Woven Coil, the Trane heat pump is able to enhance airflow through your air ducts and maximize heat transfer while being resistant to leaks and corrosion. This advanced spine fin is also much more reliable than traditional copper and aluminum composite coils.

trane aie handler

Trane TEM6 Variable Speed Air Handler

Trane has built a legendary reputation around high-quality, high-performance and durable air handlers. This particular version, the TEM6 is just one of their many feature-packed air handlers that are designed to meet your HVAC needs through the cold winters.

A well-matched HVAC system can serve you a long way in keeping the air in your home, clean, well-tempered and comfortable. Therefore, we have put together three vital components of a good HVAC system and ensured that each individual module has been properly matched with another.

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