Trane 2 Ton 16.5 SEER Heat Pump with Variable Speed Air Handler

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Trane 2 Ton XR16 Heat Pump

Trane is no stranger to high quality, as most of their contraptions have managed to put a smile on their satisfied customers. This particular heat pump, the Trane XR16 2 Ton Split System Heat Pump, is another one of the fine machines on Trane’s lineup of perfect HVAC system components.


Trane TEM6 Convertible Air Handler included Heat Kit

First off, this air handler is equipped with a variable speed motor with Comfort® technology which manages to greatly reduce the noise it generates when starting up. Moreover, due to the variable speed motor, you get the added benefit of longer run-times which effectively remove hot or cold spots from . your home. On top of that, Comfort® technology is a great way to regulate the amount of humidity in your home. Finally, the air handler has a corrosion and rust resistant finish, making the ideal choice for homeowners who want a clean system keeping their home comfortable and warm.


Free With your System 10 Years Labor warranty

Keeping your home warm through the winter days is a task for your home’s HVAC system. However, that is not all you should be looking for. The perfect heating machine for your home should operate at high performance while being very conservative with its electricity usage. Therefore, in order to achieve this perfect balance between proper heating and a solid score in terms of efficiency, we have put together this heating system for your home, which excels on all fronts.

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