Trane 4 Ton XR 14 SEER Condenser

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Trane is a forerunner in the HVAC market and sets new standards with its innovative and modern designs. One such product is their high-efficiency condenser that can easily meet the cooling needs of any home. This particular model boasts efficient performance on top of economical operation which greatly lowers your energy bills and earns you some great energy-efficiency tax credits. Moreover, the build quality is robust and sturdy making it the ideal candidate to fight off external environmental hazards and keep powering through to deliver your home cool, comforting, and fresh air throughout its operational lifetime. At the heart of it all, Trane promises comfort and has given keen homeowners the option of equipping their system with Trane CleanEffects™ which greatly reduces the amount of dirt and dust going through your system and into your air, thereby giving you a far more comfortable and healthier home.

The additional steps taken to keep the air in your home cleaner will be much appreciated when you are tasked with the job of maintaining your HVAC system, a duty which you should always be careful to complete timely and regularly.

As expected from a condenser, it provides the perfect environment for bacteria and other harmful microorganisms to thrive in, as such, you will need to be careful about the presence of molds around your condenser or on the condenser’s body. Even though Trane has taken it upon themselves to make an easy to clean system, the job of actually getting down and dirty to keep your systems clean should be left to the professionals. And so, consider hiring professional services when you want to clean your central ac unit and get rid of all kinds of molds in duct or dust in airways.


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